Olivia Wilde Says She’s Determined To Raise Her Children Without Stereotypes

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Olivia Wilde is determined to do her due diligence as a parent when it comes to raising her two children.

The Life Itself star recently sat down for an interview with People where she talked about a number of topics, including parenting and how she wants to raise her kids the right way. Wilde and funnyman Jason Sudeikis share two children together, 4-year-old Otis and nearly 2-year-old Daisy.

In the interview, Wilde confessed that her daughter is already aware that pink is “for girls” and blue is “for boys” at such a young age and it’s definitely something that she wants to put an end to.

“So that means it’s out there in the world, women limiting themselves from a young age, and I’m just determined to raise her without those self-imposed limitations because the world’s gonna do it no matter what.”

Wilde also says that she has seen a big difference between her two kids as they have grown up. She told the magazine that there’s a difference in the way their “consciousness blossoms” amid all of the marketing that has an influence on children.

“Little kids are still being told men are the powerful, strong ones and women are the weaker, more vulnerable ones,” she shared.

But once again, Wilde says that she knows it is her role to put an end to gender roles and it starts with parenting.

“When I witness that in my kids, I realize how much of a responsibility it is of parents and caretakers to show them every example you can think of a more balanced, fair society.”

And when she isn’t busy with her family and life at home, Olivia is certainly busy career-wise. Not only does she wear the cap of an actress, director, and producer but Wilde also recently teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts to create the “Home That Runs on Dunkin’.”

Wilde and the donut giant created a tiny home that is fueled by coffee. So not only does her latest venture raise awareness to one of her favorite brands but it also ties in sustainability as it is literally fueled by coffee. Believe it or not, the house sits at Madison Square Park in New York City and the mother of two loves everything that it stands for.

“It allows people to understand what you can do with conservation of space and thoughtfulness about materials and alternative fuel energy, which is probably the most important conversation we should be having right now,” she shared.

It really seems like Wilde has a good head on her shoulders!