Jinger Duggar Is Over The Haters Who Repeatedly Mom-Shame Her On Social Media, Gets Support From Jeremy

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Jinger Duggar is not having it: The young mother is up to here with busybodies and mom-shamers who pick apart everything she does as a mom. A family friend says that Jinger is doing her best to ignore the haters and is getting “so much support and strength” from her husband Jeremy.

As The Hollywood Life reports, when you’re a mom – and a celebrity mom at that with tens of thousands of followers on social media (many of whom, let’s face it, are just there to be hateful) – your mothering decisions are going to be picked apart. Think of the internet as like your critical mother-in-law, only writ large. Whatever you do, someone is going to have a problem with it.

Put mittens on your newborn’s hands so she doesn’t scratch herself with her sharp fingernails? Someone is going to accuse you of child abuse (or at the very least, of being an ill-informed mom). Give her a cute nickname like “Lissy” instead of “Felicity”? Backseat drivers are going to say you’re confusing and belittling your baby. Park her near a computer while her dad studies? Someone is going to “remind” you that being so close to a computer screen is bad for baby’s eyes. Put a cute headwrap on her for her first Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field? Someone’s going to call it “cultural appropriation.”

It can be exasperating, to say the least. And Jinger will have no more of it.

A friend of the family, who asked not to be named, says that Jinger is doing her best to ignore the trolls.

“Jinger has learned to brush off the trolls and could not care less what they say at this point. At times she even stays off social media completely or turns off her comments to avoid reading the negativity. She knows it does not serve any higher purpose.”

What’s more, her husband, Jeremy, has her back at all times.

“Jinger is used to haters commenting on everything from her marriage to her pregnancy and now how she mothers her baby. Although some of the comments hurt on occasion, she receives so much support and strength from Jeremy.”

Of course, Jinger is far from the only mom who has had it up to here with troublemakers and buttinskies who can’t (won’t) mind their own business. Jinger’s sisters – Jessa especially – have also had their share of mom-shamers question their every move on social media.