Jennifer Garner Seeks To 'Supercharge' Ben Affleck Divorce Process

Jennifer Garner seems to be very eager to finally be divorced from Ben Affleck, with TMZ reporting that the actress has filed court documents that will speed up the process. Their sources reportedly say that Garner wants to be officially divorced by the end of 2018. The news comes about a month after she was seen driving Affleck to rehab so that he could receive treatment for his alcohol addiction.

According to TMZ, Garner's recent court filing will remove the case from the public court. If she goes to a private judge they'll be able to move faster towards finalizing their divorce. She first filed way back in April of 2017 and the couple has been separated since 2015.

TMZ also contends that Garner has chosen to speed things up now because Affleck is out of rehab. They allege that she was reluctant to establish a custody agreement with him because of his drinking problem. But now that he has gone through a treatment regimen, they say that she feels more confident in moving forward with their divorce.

As we mentioned earlier, there are photos of Garner driving Ben Affleck to rehab back in August which is an indication that she was very invested in him getting sober again. Affleck didn't resist her intervention, TMZ reported at the time, and willingly entered the facility.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Garner is doing what she can to support her estranged husband.

"Jen doesn't want to push him at all," their source said. "She wants him to do what it takes once and for all to get clean and sober for life."

Since their separation, Affleck has gone on to have relationships with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus and Playboy model, Shauna Sexton.

He and Shookus broke up this year but Sexton was seen visiting him at rehab.

According to Entertainment Tonight, they were recently seen outside of his home dressed in workout gear. Affleck has left rehab but will continue to receive assistance in maintaining his sobriety.

"Ben will stay in treatment for the foreseeable future," their source said. "He'll continue to work with a sober coach, attend therapy and meditation classes. He is committed to his sobriety and is focused on his family and getting back to work."

Affleck was also seen at the Warner Bros studio for a business meeting. There are reports that he is eyeing a new role and feels that he is healthy enough to return to work.

"Ben is eager to get back to work and he seems to be taking his sobriety more seriously than ever. Ben has made it very clear that he will listen to everyone's advice and then make his own decision." the source added.