Photo Of Alleged #Roanoke Gunman Vester Lee Flanagan From Alison Parker, Adam Ward Shooting Taken From Ward's Camera -- Police Chase Video Not Hot Pursuit [Video]

A photo of the alleged gunman in the horrific shooting deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, which was captured on live TV, is being circulated in hopes of finding the gunman.

The Twitter account of , co-anchor of and an Emmy-award winning reporter, has posted a photo that she says comes from the camera of Ward himself. It's a still image screenshot that appears to show a man wearing dark colors holding what appears to be a semi-automatic weapon.


"PLEASE RETWEET! Another still from photog Adam Ward of the gunman in the shooting. "

The Twitter message accompanying the photo from Lanyon asks others to retweet the photo in order to help police catch the gunman at large.

Virginia Governor McAuliffe has reported that police are in pursuit of the gunman.

"We know who the suspect is and they (police) are in pursuit," Virginia Gov. McAuliffe said.

According to the Twitter account of ABC News, at least three schools have been placed on a lockdown status in Bedford County, Virginia, as authorities hunt for the man who reportedly killed the two Roanoke journalists. And he's not any gunman reportedly unfamiliar with the news station where the journalists were employed.

According to Kevin Corke, a Fox News White House correspondent, the gunman could be a former employee who was obviously disgruntled for some reason.

"BREAKING: Police pursuing gunman involved in #roanoke #shooting. It is believed he is a former employee of the station. #breaking"
Joe Holden, a WPXI-TV reporter, posted video from NBC29. The video showed the hot pursuit police in an effort to catch the man who is believed to have killed the TV crew. The chase went westbound I-64 near Shenandoah Valley. However, NBC29 says that the police are not in hot pursuit.

"VA State Police Public Information Officer: 'The Virginia State Police are NOT engaged in any pursuit with the suspect vehicle.' "

A search for gunman roanoke on Twitter provides all the breaking news updates on the attempted capture of the man CNN reports apparently used a semi-automatic weapon in the shooting, due to the rapid-fire type of shots heard in the video. The relationship of the shooter and whatever issues he had with the TV station have yet to be revealed.

Police have reportedly located the suspect and have a license plate number.

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