Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Chloe Lanier Reportedly Back As Nelle For Brief Run During Week Of October 8

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is some potentially big, juicy stuff on the way during the week of October 8. Reports have just emerged revealing that actress Chloe Lanier, who originated the role of Nelle, is apparently returning for a very brief arc. Given the baby switch drama involving Michael and Nelle’s baby boy Jonah, this return could lead to some significant developments.

When Chloe Lanier left General Hospital last August, she had noted that she felt it was time to spread her wings and pursue other opportunities. However, as the Inquisitr previously detailed, she made it clear that she was always open for a brief return. In fact, Lanier said that she had no interest in joining any other soaps and the only one she’d work on going forward was to head back to GH.

Rumors have swirled almost continually since Lanier’s departure that Chloe was headed back to General Hospital. The buzz on that front increased when Nelle recently sent a letter to Michael, but until now, nothing concrete seemed to pinpoint an actual return.

Now, according to She Knows Soaps, Chloe has stepped back into the world of General Hospital to once again portray Nelle. Lanier’s return is said to play out during the week of October 8, but little else is known so far. Some fans speculate that Brad may take “Wiley” to visit Nelle as she continues to sit behind bars, but that’s not known for certain yet. Brad is flipping out over Wiley’s heart condition, one that mirrors Michael’s, so it may be that Brad wants to loop Nelle in on this issue in some way.

As viewers recently watched, Nelle sent a letter to Michael that seemed to give some hints about their baby. She wrote about how she hoped that Michael would find peace in spending time with Brad and Lucas’ adopted son and while that didn’t set off any alarm bells for Michael at that moment, it may come back to be an important tidbit.

Soap Hub hints that Nelle may see her baby during this reappearance, but that she’ll be in an orange jumpsuit as she sees the baby. The most logical explanation for that scenario is for Brad to take the baby to see his biological mother, but it’s not known yet what the context surrounding that possible visit is.

It seems highly unlikely that the truth about Wiley really being Jonah will emerge yet, so fans probably shouldn’t expect a major reveal from Nelle to Michael during Lanier’s return stint. Additional General Hospital spoilers about Chloe Lanier’s brief return should emerge heading into the week of October 8 and fans cannot wait to see what’s on the way with this twist.