'Mean Girls' Day": Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Classic Film By Recreating Her Iconic Line

It's been fourteen years since Mean Girls made its theatrical debut, and while most teen comedies from the early 2000s have faded from the limelight, the 2004 hit film has remained a classic ever since its release -- and was even gifted with its very own day, which is observed annually on October 3rd.

Being that it was through one of her lines that Mean Girls Day was born, Lindsay Lohan -- who portrayed new high school transplant, Cady Heron -- took the time to pay tribute by recreating that very same line, per People.

On Wednesday, Lohan, 32, shared a video on her Instagram account in which she -- along with the help of her brother Dakota -- brought her iconic line back to life. The line in question was from the math class scene where Lohan's character's secret crush -- Aaron Samuels, played by Jonathan Bennett -- turned around to ask her what day it was.

In true "Plastics" fashion, many fans of the teen classic are no doubt putting their best pink attire forward today, as Mean Girls Day actually happened to fall on a Wednesday this year, making it all the more special. As fans learned back then:

"On Wednesday's, we wear pink!"


Many would agree that Lohan was at the height of her career when Mean Girls came out -- and over the years, the child actress who first graced the world with her presence in 1998's The Parent Trap gradually slipped through the cracks and hit some rough patches.

The Freaky Friday actress's most recent troubling moment came last Saturday when she went live on her Instagram after coming across a homeless family -- consisting of a mother and father and their two children -- whom she believed to be Syrian refugees. In what was an attempt to do good by showing compassion and offering to help them out, Lohan sparked controversy when she accused the parents of "trafficking children" after they refused her offer of aide.

In the video that has since been uploaded on Twitter, Lohan can be seen following the family as they were leaving, seeming not believing that the children belonged to the parents. While it was very dark out, it appeared that after trying to grab one of the children in a rescue attempt, the mother turned around and apparently struck Lohan in the face.


According to a recent report by Entertainment Tonight, Lohan's family is very concerned for her well-being, and are asking that she now return back to the United States following the incident.

"Her family wants her back in New York because that's where they are based out of," a source told the media outlet.

However, it seems that the fast-paced life of New York might not actually be in Lohan's best interests, as the source goes on to say that there is a "close friend" who believes Lohan would be better suited in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"She has a close friend who believes she should live with him in Cincinnati, Ohio. The friend in Ohio could keep her safe and away from the chaos of the paparazzi that she would run into in New York. Cincinnati is quiet."

While getting away and returning to family and close friends might be what's best for her, it is unlikely that this will happen -- due to the fact that Lohan is currently filming her MTV reality series, Lohan Beach Club, on the Greek island of Mykonos. It has also been reported that she is looking to expand her night club ventures all throughout Greece.