Olivia Culpo Shows Off Some Serious Cleavage Over Breakfast In France

When it comes to traveling the world, it seems that the former Miss Universe knows a thing or to about getting the perfect vacation shot. Olivia Culpo took to Instagram today to show off three things. The incredible view of the French Chateau, a beautiful breakfast, and her killer body. The model looked impeccable in a studded white leather dress with zipper details on the arm. She also sported matching bracelets and a silver ring. Her signature lob was tucked into a low hairstyle with face-framing tendrils peeking out.

Her warm eyes and bold brows pierce the camera as she sports her signature pout. It's an enviable picture, for sure. Olivia's travels and beauty seem to be gorgeous beyond compare and she has no trouble posing for the perfect snapshot for her 3.2 million Instagram followers. Her comment section was almost immediately flooded with heart-eye emojis and compliments.

The star also shared some more angles of the stunning view on her Instagram story (which is going to disappear twenty-four hours after posting). She called the view "gorgeous". Later, we see more of her outfit as she records the light hitting her dress. She claims the dress is turning the car into a "disco" as the light reflecting created a cool effect on the seats.

Olivia Culpo was just in France a few weeks ago. She returned to the United States for some Miami business and then quickly set-off to the city of love again. Nobody is complaining though, least of all her fans who are getting some seriously great pictures of the model as she jet sets around the world. In the past month, she's been to Jamaica, Milan, Paris (twice!), and Miami.The former pageant queen is now one of the most recognizable names in the world of fashion. She stars in "Model Squad" which a show that features the lives of models living in New York City. It seems that Olivia hasn't been in New York in a while but that hasn't stopped her from promoting the show across her social media platforms.Olivia Culpo seems the perfect French beauty. With her dark features, svelte figure, and impeccable fashion sense, it's no wonder that the model feels at home in one of the most glamorous cities in the world.

Olivia didn't say how long she was in France for but it's clear she's there for work. The model has been posting on her Instagram story behind-the-scenes shots of photoshoots.