Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Incredible Post-Baby Body Transformation

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin attend a New York Philharmonic performance
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Hilaria Baldwin may be less than five months post-baby-number-four, but Alec Baldwin’s wife has already slimmed down to what most women wish they had the ability to look like pre-baby.

Her latest Instagram post shows a remarkable transformation of her petite frame, with three shots side-by-side to show her fans the major differences to her body from shortly before her infant son was born to today.

In all three shots she is wearing just her underwear, leaving her unable to hide her true figure from the camera, and let’s be real, why would she want or need to? The first image shows her at 9-months pregnant, with a huge protruding baby belly growing from her midriff. The second image, taken just 12 days post-birth, shows her looking like she may have eaten a large Christmas lunch the day before, with only a slight bump still visible in her midsection.

And in the final photo, taken four and a half months after her son’s birth, she looks like a 20-something who has never carried a baby before.

In the caption, she explained why she felt the need to share the images in the first place.

“I share my journey and posts here because I believe so strongly that smart exercise, good eating, and a calm mind= healthy body. And I want you to experience it too because life is so worth living to it’s max.”

As it is, it seems as if Hilaria carried all her baby weight mostly in her stomach anyway, with barely any noticeable weight gain across her upper thighs, buttocks, and face, where most women tend to start packing on the pounds during pregnancy.

Fans were quick to flock to the comments to congratulate her on the weight loss, thank her for the reminder to look after themselves as mothers as well as their children, and to ask for tips for their own exercise routines. Hilaria is a celebrity yoga instructor, and has gained plenty of social media followers for regularly sharing her tips and tricks to losing weight and staying toned.

Hilaria is a mother of four with Alec, having previously welcomed two sons and a daughter with the actor: 5-year-old Carmen Gabriela, 3-year-old Rafael Thomas, 2-year-old Leonardo Angel Charles, and 4-month-old Romeo Alejandro David make up the couple’s brood. Alec and Hilaria married in 2012, and the actor also has a 22-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin, from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger.