How-To Videos Gain Wider Reach

Instructional video maker HowCast is joining forces with AOL, Bebo,, and Metacafe to distribute its wide mix of how-to content.

HowCast offers both professional and user-generated videos on topics ranging from how to register to vote to how to make goat cheese, both featured on the front page this morning. Executives say the newly formed alliances will let their videos reach more than 87 million viewers.

“We want to be able to deliver our how-to videos to viewers wherever and whenever they are online,” CEO Jason Liebman said in a statement today.

“When someone wants to know how to do something, they can find our how-to content on a wide range of online destinations … on whatever site is convenient to them.”

Each new partner site will focus on videos that match the interests of its targeted audience. HowCast has also arranged to feature some of its content on MySpace, YouTube, Joost, ROO, and iTunes.