“The Hills” Are Alive With The Sound Of Microsoft

Microsoft is now selling some of TV’s hottest shows on its Zune entertainment service.

The software giant has announced it’ll offer downloads of programs from NBC, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, and Nickelodeon, among other networks. It’ll also have Ultimate Fighting Championship matches up for grabs starting today.

“Consumers want more than the traditional transactional model of an online music store plus portable device,” Zune Global Marketing Manager Chris Stephenson explained.

The new service will sell shows for about two bucks a pop, paid for in proprietary “Microsoft Points” purchased on the site. Shows for sale include hits like “The Office,” “30 Rock,” “Rock of Love,” and — you guessed it — “The Hills.”

The announcement comes just months after NBC decided to pull its programming from competitor iTunes over a pricing dispute. The network wanted to raise its prices to $4.99 an episode, according to Apple. Though the Zune pricing starts at $1.99, the company has indicated it may offer “premium content” for a higher fee after the initial launch.

“Partnering with Zune will allow us to develop innovative content offerings for their customers, including flexible pricing and packaging options beginning this fall,” said NBC executive JB Perrette.