Mindy Lawton Takes Tiger Woods Mistress Count To Five

Another day, another mistress in the soap opera that are the affairs of golfer Tiger Woods, and today’s score goes by the name of Mindy Lawton.

Mindy Lawton is a Florida based “waitress” and unlike mistress number four Jamie Jungers, isn’t exactly on the attractive side.

Lawton sold her story to UK paper News Of The World, confirming what we already knew about Tiger: as a pants man he liked a lot on the side, and “he would call me up for quick, urgent sex and I was happy to oblige.”

For the first time we also get some insight to Tigers mating habits, with Lawton claiming that Tiger was rough and “sometimes I looked like a rag doll after we’d made love.”

Sorry Mindy, what you were providing doesn’t meet the criteria of love 🙂

Who will be Number 6, stay tuned for more.