‘Holton Hosebag’: Kavanaugh Pal Mark Judge’s Sexist Term For Girls At Christine Blasey Ford’s School Revealed

Win McNameeGetty Images

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee claimed in sworn testimony that Christine Blasey Ford, the Palo Alto University research psychologist accusing Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both in high school, was “not someone I knew.” But as Inquisitr has reported, in fact Blasey Ford dated a close high school friend of Kavanaugh’s — a friend who according to a 1982 calendar kept by Kavanaugh attended a drinking party on July 1 of that year. It was also attended by at least two other Georgetown Prep students named by Blasey Ford as present at the party where she says Kavanaugh attacked her.

Holton-Arms students were familiar to Kavanaugh, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee that “I was friends with a couple” of the Holton-Arms girls, according to a Senate Democrats document.

But male students at the elite, all-boys Georgetown Prep school who were in Kavanaugh’s circle of friends used a demeaning and offensive nickname for girls who attended nearby Holton-Arms, the elite private girls high school attended by Blasey Ford, according to a report Tuesday by the New York Times.

The Times uncovered an “underground” student newspaper written by Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge — who Blasey Ford says was the second boy in the room as Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. The “stapled-together pamphlet” contained a column titled “The Truth About Holton.” In the column, girls who attend Holton-Arms are referred to as “H.H. (Holton Hosebag).”

The column claimed that all it takes to “have a good time with any H.H. (Holton Hosebag)” is “a library card.” The dictionary site Your Dictionary, defines “hosebag” as a slang term meaning “a trashy, dirty, skanky or sexually loose woman.”

The offensive and sexist term for Holton-Arms students, who at the time included Blasey Ford, was not the only time a sexually demeaning term directed at women appeared in print connected to Kavanaugh’s social circle. In the 1983 Georgetown Prep yearbook, as Inquisitr reported, Kavanaugh’s entry as well as entries by about a dozen of his friends contained the phrase “Renate Alumnus.”

The term was a reference to Renate Schroeder, now Renate Dolphin, and according to the New York Times was a false boast of having sex with her by Kavanaugh and his friends. Dolphin, a student at a nearby Catholic girls school, told the Times that she was unaware until recently of the yearbook reference to her, calling the demeaning term and the “insinuation” behind it “horrible, hurtful and simply untrue.”

In his sworn testimony, Kavanaugh denied that “Renate Alumnus” was a sexual reference.

“That yearbook reference was clumsily intended to show affection, and that she was one of us,” Kavanaugh said, as quoted by GQ. “It was not related to sex.”