Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner's Baby Girls Look Like Adorable Twins In Latest Instagram Post

Kim took to Instagram Tuesday morning to share an adorable photo of her youngest child Chicago with Kylie Jenner's baby Stormi. Kylie posted a photo a couple weeks back (as reported by the Inquisitr) but an appearance on Kim's Instagram is always noteworthy, especially after it was revealed on a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Kanye is very controlling of Kim's Instagram, Daily Mail reports. With over 118.5 million Instagram followers, one could imagine the pressure that is placed on such a high profile social media account. However, Kim seems to take it all in stride as she continues to post what she wants and when she wants to.

In the episode, Kanye says that he sees a "vision" for Kim's Instagram and that she doesn't understand it. Kim discusses an argument they had over her feed and her unwillingness to put that much thought into something as silly as social media. It seems that Kim does, in fact, understand Instagram as the photo of the two girls match her neutral and pink theme perfectly.

The little girls are only two weeks apart and they look almost identical. This is unsurprising as Kim and Kylie are half-sisters and both women are known for their selfie-inspiring beauty. Stormi and Chicago both rock a head full of dark curls and matching pink pajamas. Pink toys and accessories surround the girls. They don't even look phased by the camera, which isn't surprising as Kim and Kylie love to take and post photos of their baby girls.

Despite reported issues that Kim and Kanye seem to be having at the moment, Kim still stands by her rapper husband despite controversial claims he's made of late. She posted a black-and-white snap of the two of them together. Kim looks lovingly at her husband while Kanye shows a rare smile.
Kim has two other children with the rapper, North and Saint. North West recently made her professional debut by walking in her first ever fashion show. Kim shared adorable pictures and videos on her social media accounts. It looks like North is already channeling her uber-famous mom and aunts with her crazy-cute runway walk and keen fashion sense.Kim's only son, Saint, is also featured on the mom's Instagram account. In fact, it looks like Saint is absolutely obsessed with his little sister Chicago as they appear in multiple pictures together. The two youngest West siblings haven't followed in big sister North's fashion footsteps yet, but it's only a matter of time before the adorable two tots land their own brand deals.