‘Chargegate’ Fires Up iPhone XS Users As Apple Stays Silent

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Many new iPhone XS users are complaining that their $1,000 smartphone only charges when the phone is not in sleep mode. The scandal has been dubbed “Chargegate”, and it’s got lots of Apple users pretty charged up.

Apple has maintained its silence on the issue, as the company remained tacit last week when users took to Twitter to complain that the XS charges with inconveniently slow speeds.

The BBC reports that one popular YouTuber tested nine different iPhones with official Apple power supplies in a recent video. The XS and XS Max had noticeable difficulty charging when compared to other iPhone models. Almost all of the XS and XS Max models would charge only when awake, and one would not charge at all.

The video spells a huge problem for Apple, who rolled out the iPhone XS and XS Max recently among huge promotions that touted the device’s speed, camera, and design. So far, many users who actually own the XS or XS Max have complained about problems with all of these banner features.

Apple’s official forums are full of complaints from users with similar charging complaints. Others have gone on social media sites to share their woes and reach out directly to the company.

Meanwhile, Forbes reports, Apple’s official Twitter has likewise been silent in regard to the complaints. Apple has also been contacted by media outlets for comment, but so far they have not responded.

“Chargegate” appears to be affecting only those iPhone XS or XS Max users who are running iOS 12. The iPhone X users running iOS 12 have not reported facing similar charging issues, according to ZDNet.

But Apple has its hands pretty full right now. “Chargegate” isn’t the only huge problem that has caused users to start complaining. So far, something huge has upset the phone owners, or has otherwise gone wrong with the XS, every few days since it was released.

The new “Chargegate” claims come right after “Beautygate”, a different iPhone XS scandal that had users all over social media complaining recently, as reported by Inquisitr. According to many XS and XS Max owners, the front-facing camera on the device creates an automatic skin-smoothing effect that looks unrealistic and overdone.

Previously, iPhone XS users on social media were reporting that their phones had extremely slow WiFi and call connection issues. Despite early reviews of the phones, which marveled at their processing speeds, it’s becoming more apparent with each day that the XS could be a huge problem for Apple.