5 Things You Didn't Know About Emily Ratajkowski

Kristy Morgan

Emily Ratajskowski became world famous after her appearance in the Blurred Lines music video and starring as Ben Affleck's mistress in the film Gone Girl. But there's probably a lot that many people, including her biggest fans, don't know about this beautiful and talented lady. Here are five things you probably didn't know about Emily Ratajskowski.

1. She studied at UCLA

According to Rolling Stone, right after high school, Emily studied at UCLA but she felt it wasn't a good fit for her so she only went to the school for a year. She said her roommates were "blonde sorority girls." She left for acting and modeling full time. It looks like that was the right decision for her.

2. Her parents wanted her to become a doctor

Emily's parents weren't too happy about the idea of her becoming a model even though model scouts were always seeking her out. She actually signed her first modeling contract when she was only 14-years-old. But according to an interview with Evening Standard, she said that her mother said, "No, she'll be a brain surgeon." She also went on to explain, "At the same time, she always told me never to feel sorry or apologetic or embarrassed by my body, to never apologize for my sexuality."

3. She wants to play the "ugly" and "strange" girls

Emily said, "I have some serious criteria for what I'm looking for in a role, which has really f--ed me. The ones that I really want have to be a really interesting script and story and usually the girl is ugly. I'm not looking to play the pretty-girl type that you would expect from a model turned actress. I want to surprise people. Maybe play the weird girl. It takes fighting for, which I'm prepared to do."

4. She's tired of the Blurred Lines video

She understands that starring in Robin Thicke's music video is what helped propel her to stardom, but she's tired of talking about it. She told InStyle UK, "I wasn't into the idea at all at first. I think I came off as a bit annoying in the video. Now it's the bane of my existence."

5. She didn't have a television growing up

It's kind of ironic that someone who grew up without a TV would grow up to become an actress, but that's certainly what happened. Her parents were very bohemian and didn't believe in having a TV. Her first acting gig was on the television show iCarly, even though she had never seen a single episode of it. According to Emily, "I didn't grow up with a TV, so I didn't even know what the show was when I auditioned. I only did two episodes, so I was just on set about two weeks." She played the character of Gibby's girlfriend.