Jenna Cooper Says ‘Forensic Evidence’ Proves Reality Steve Wrong, ‘BIP’ Star Claims There’s A Big Twist Ahead

Paul HebertABC

Jenna Cooper got engaged to Jordan Kimball in the finale of Bachelor in Paradise, but that engagement was falling apart even as the finale aired due to allegations posted by gossip king Reality Steve. Jenna has been saying for a while now that she would find a way to prove that the information that Reality Steve posted was false or fabricated, and in a new Instagram post, she claims she now has the information she needs.

Reality Steve has stood by what he has posted about Jenna Cooper, including texts that the Bachelor in Paradise star allegedly sent to another man while engaged to Jordan Kimball. He has pointed out that Cooper didn’t deny anything initially — publicly or to Jordan — and Kimball ended the engagement after he came to believe that what Reality Steve and his source revealed was legitimate.

Recently, Jenna posted a photo on Instagram sharing that she was working with a lawyer and was pulling together forensic evidence that would prove her innocence. In a new Instagram post, Cooper says that an analysis of both her devices and her iCloud account prove that she never sent the messages that were supposedly hers.

Unfortunately, the Bachelor in Paradise star hasn’t posted anything that shows fans evidence that supports what she claims. Cooper says that she can’t share specifics while the investigation continues, but she says that there’s a huge twist involved in this that is killing her to keep to herself. Jenna insists that more information will be shared by her soon, within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Jenna says, she’s going to try to move forward with her life. She added hashtags indicating that the wait is worth it and that justice is served cold, and she noted that there’s compelling and growing evidence pointing toward who initiated this supposedly sad attack on her.

Bachelor in Paradise fans seem fairly divided on this topic, in terms of whether they believe Jenna or whether they believe Jordan and Reality Steve. Cooper’s Instagram post garnered more than 10,000 likes in less than an hour, and she received many comments of support. The comment about there being a huge twist to all of this has some people speculating that Jordan himself orchestrated the breakup. Other speculation surrounds the idea that it was all an orchestrated stunt between Jordan and Jenna — or by those behind the show itself.

Some have even tossed out Benoit Beausejour-Savard’s name as someone who could be behind this, since he had also pursued Jenna during Bachelor in Paradise, although that seems highly unlikely. So far, neither Reality Steve nor Jordan have shared any comments on social media regarding Cooper’s latest post.

Steve did make a Twitter post a few days ago about how social media isn’t always your friend, and that you shouldn’t forget that — making a reference to Snapchat. He didn’t say anything about Cooper in this post, but followers can’t help but wonder if the tweet is referencing her ongoing claims. So far, he’s refused to back down from what he had shared previously, and he’s said he’s not afraid of being sued by Jenna.

Will Jenna Cooper manage to share information that truly demonstrates that she never cheated on Jordan Kimball — or sent the texts that Reality Steve’s source shared? Bachelor in Paradise fans have been stunned by all of this and are curious to see what comes next.