Kelly Clarkson & Adam Levine Are Teaming Up Against Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’ Season 15

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Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine are joining forces on the currently airing Season 15 of The Voice in an attempt to take down fellow coach Blake Shelton. The two coaches revealed their big plan to best the country star on the latest season of the NBC singing show in a new sneak peek at the upcoming episodes obtained by Entertainment Tonight.

The teaser reveals just how Clarkson and Levine are plotting to take down the musician – who’s won the show six times over the past 15 seasons – by stealing away some country singer contestants by getting them on Team Kelly.

Clarkson revealed in the video shared by ET that she’s pretty desperate to get at least one country star on her team this time around and even made an emotional plea for them to choose her during the blind audition stages and not Shelton.

“I want a country artist so bad because I love country music,” Clarkson said. “But everybody always thinks that Blake is the only option.”

“Calling all country artists, I want to work with you. Everyone country picks [Blake],” she added in a plea to get more singers on her side.

Shelton then joked that Clarkson – who’s appearing on her second consecutive season of the singing competition – isn’t actually much competition to him at all.

“Kelly is definitely my main competition when it comes to country artists,” Blake quipped, before playfully admitting, “not really, but she thinks she is.”

But Kelly – who the Inquisitr recently reported shared the most adorable photo of her 2-year-old son Remington with the world – has her own secret weapon to landing a country singer this time around, as Adam revealed that they’ve made a bit of a deal to get her a country star and block Blake from getting them on his team.

“I have experienced the pain and torment that Kelly is feeling right now and I’m right here to support her when she needs me,” Levine then quipped in the clip, to which Shelton joked about him giving up on pressing his button to land singers in the genre.

Kelly Clarkson is teaming up with Adam Levine on 'The Voice' to block Blake Shelton
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“Now that Adam has retired from pushing his button for country artists, somehow he feels like that’s made him an expert in coaching the other coaches,” Blake – who the Inquisitr shared playfully jabbed Kelly and Jennifer in a recent promo video – joked.

“I’m thinking, ‘Do I want a coach that needs another coach to coach me through a blind audition?’ Sounds like a winning plan,” he then sarcastically teased.

The Voice Season 15 kicked off on NBC on September 24 with Kelly, Adam, Blake, and Jennifer Hudson on the coaching panel.

Shortly before the big premiere last month, Variety confirmed that Jennifer would not be returning for another season in early 2019 as John Legend will be stepping in to join the coaching panel in her place.

Clarkson, Shelton, and Levine will also be returning for Season 16 on NBC, while it’s thought that Hudson will return to the U.K. for another season of The Voice U.K. where she sits alongside fellow musicians Tom Jones,, and Olly Murs.

The Voice Season 15 airs on NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights.