Krystal Nielson Flaunts Toned Abs & Nice Tan In Tropical Bikini

Krystal wears a tropical bikini.
Paul Hebert / ABC

Krystal Nielson is in Miami and loving it. The Bachelor in Paradise star is soaking up the sun on the beach, taking a moment to share a bikini pic on Instagram that shows off her toned body. She wore a fun, tropical-print bikini and a white baseball hat as she sat up halfway and looked out at the ocean. Nielson also took the time to promote her fitness business in the captions, as she’s launching an event on October 8th.

Ever since Krystal arrived in Miami, she’s been raving about the city — and seems to love it to no end. She’s shared photos in some cute bikinis, and has also been posting a lot of fun Insta stories — with Chris Randone making an appearance here and there.

And it looks like she’s getting her business going in the midst of all of the positive publicity that she’s been getting since BIP. Her website, Coach Krystal, says “Master Your Fitness” on the front page, and has information about joining her group coaching program. Her about page details her younger self’s aspirations of becoming a celebrity, and how that road unfortunately led to her having low self-worth and experiencing significant weight gain. Since then, however, she has learned how to take care of herself, discovering her passion for nutrition and fitness in the process.

Fans poured in with messages about how great she looked in the bikini snap, and Krystal even took the time to help out a follower. This is what one person said in the comments.

“You’re my favorite Bachelorette ever! Wondering if you can say a quick hello to my 8 year old son Logan? He’s been really sick this whole week [sad emoji] He would love that.”

In response, Krystal not only said hi, but also suggested a recipe for a warm drink.

“hi Logan!!!! hope you’re feeling better sweetie!!!! [hand wave emoji] if you’re feeling up for it, drink some warm bone broth with a with a dash of cayenne pepper! That’s my lil trick when I have a cold. [heart emojis]”

In other news, Nielson and Chris have definitely become a fan favorite. Watching Krystal break through Chris’ tough-guy exterior was something that fans weren’t expecting to see.

Now, the two are expected to get married, and it has the potential to be developed into a televised affair.

Another successful couple from the last season of BIP— Kendall Long and Joe Amabile — remain deeply in love and by all appearances seem to be rock-solid in their devotion to one another.