Ariana Grande Trolled Kim Kardashian For Copying Her Hairstyle

Ariana Grande posted a cheeky comment on the photos of Kim -- and her daughter North -- about their choice in hairstyle.

Ariana Trolls Kim Kardashian
Kevin Winter & David Livingston / Getty Images

Ariana Grande posted a cheeky comment on the photos of Kim -- and her daughter North -- about their choice in hairstyle.

Singer Ariana Grande is known for her signature hairstyle, wearing her hair up in a high and tight ponytail. In fact, this “high pony” has been connected to Ariana Grande in such indelible fashion, that when other celebrities sport a similar look, they are often referred to as wearing Grande’s hairstyle.

Stylist Chris Appleton — who happens to work with both Grande and Kim Kardashian — recently shared a photo of the reality TV star, and her daughter North, on Instagram. “90s pony Vibes. How lit does @kimkardashian look tonight,” the stylist captioned the photo.

According to Glamour, Chris’ 543,000 Instagram followers were quick to notice that both Kim and her daughter were sporting Ariana’s signature hairstyle. Grande herself took notice of the ponytail on top of Kardashian’s head — and couldn’t help but playfully troll Kim in the comment section of the photo.

“I thought both of them were me,” Grande commented on the photo.

Ariana’s cheeky comment received mixed feedback from those following the photo. Some tagged Grande and agreed that the first thing that they thought when they saw the photo was that Kardashian looked a lot like Ariana, especially given the similar hairdo. Some, however, clapped back at Ariana and questioned why she was the only one allowed to wear her hair in this way.

There were also a few individuals in the comments section that asked a question that Grande herself gets asked all of the time on social media, as well as during during interviews: how much does it hurt to wear her hair up in that high and tight ponytail?

As Glamour also pointed out, Grande does attempt to step away from her signature hairstyle in order to try new things from time to time. She tested the waters with a lower ponytail, loose blonde hair, and a lavender tint recently. She, however, always seems to find her way back to her signature high ponytail.

Last month, Grande even opened up about how “remarkable” it felt to return to her signature look after trying out a few different hairstyles.

Roughly ten minutes later, she made a second post clarifying that she was just supposed to have a high ponytail and that it was just “meant to be.”

When asked by a Twitter user if her high ponytail was uncomfortable, Grande revealed that your hair – and your head – eventually gets used to being in the same style all of the time.

“nah i can’t feel anymore the nerves in my head said f*** u a good year or two ago we’re good”

In less than 24 hours since having first been shared, the Instagram photo that Ariana trolled has accumulated 17,000 likes and just shy of 200 comments.