‘Drake & Josh’ Isn’t Coming To Netflix, Streaming Giant Debunks Rumor

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Drake & Josh fans across the realm of Twitter are sulking back to Hulu to watch reruns after Netflix confirmed that a recent viral Tweet was indeed a hoax.

On September 21, Twitter was abuzz over a post that seemed to imply that Netflix was cahoots with Nickelodeon and that they planned to bring Drake & Josh over to the Netflix platform for live streaming. Fans of the show were excited enough that the post was liked by more than 92,000 people.

The tweet, which simply said “Yo twitter lets make this happen,” featured an image of what appeared to be screenshot of a private message with the Netflix Twitter account. The conversation in the screenshot implied that Netflix would add the show to their platform if the post was retweeted 100,000 times. The post went viral within a matter of hours.

In the time that it’s been around, Netflix has been a part of its fair share of rumors and hoaxes, but they rarely come out publicly with a statement. This time, however, the streaming giant addressed the issue by responding directly to the tweet saying “Love the passion but that DM is photoshopped. Sorry!” in the comment section. The streaming giant also retweeted the post and added, “I talked to my buddy @hulu — they’ve got you covered!”

Between the comment and the retweet, the streaming giant made it very clear the screenshot was a hoax and they would not be adding Drake & Josh. Moreover, anyone who wanted to watch the old Nickelodeon series could head over to Hulu to check it out.

Much to the dismay of Netflix subscribers everywhere, there are currently no Nickelodeon programs (with very few exceptions) in the service’s streaming library. As long-term subscribers know, this wasn’t always the case.

There was a time where Netflix had several Nickelodeon programs in their library. Since then, Viacom (the company that owns Nickelodeon) opted not to renew their agreement with Netflix in favor of other streaming programs such as Hulu and CBS All Access. It has also been rumored that Viacom wants to get into the streaming game with their own subscription service, but no official statements on the subject have been made as of yet.

While many are disappointed by the fact that the Drake and Josh show will not be featured on Netflix as they had hoped, fans of the show can catch all 56 episodes of the show on Hulu with their standard subscription along with a selection of a few other Nickelodeon favorites as well.

Furthermore, Netflix has a healthy selection of teen dramas and comedies in their library for someone looking for something similar to Drake & Josh such as Aytpical and Alexa & Katie.