Enrica Petrongari Claims Zayn Malik ‘Used’ Her & Slept With Her Post-Split From Gigi Hadid In March

Zayn and Gigi's split gets complicated.
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid split in March, but then later reconciled. Reports suggest that the couple is ready to make a big change, as Zayn is selling his place in North London in order to move in with Gigi in New York, according to MTV UK. Hopefully, Zayn was honest with his girlfriend about what he did while they were apart because now, 41-year-old masseuse Enrica Petrongari is spilling the beans about her sexual encounter him.

Enrica, an Italian ex-burlesque dancer, said that she was giving him a massage two weeks after he broke up with Gigi, according to the Daily Mail. Zayn’s assistant booked her for the massage, and she claims she didn’t know who her client would be until she showed up at his apartment. During the massage, Enrica said that Zayn started holding her hand and said the following.

“He told me I needed to feel free and not nervous around him. I found him very attractive and he has a great body.”

The two started sharing racy messages after eventually saying he “didn’t care about the messages anymore” and asked her to come over. Enrica added the following.

“He told me he liked girls with big a**es. He made me feel special. But after a while I realised that he was just using me.”

And apparently, she took a photo of herself at his apartment and posted it on Instagram. This led Zayn to cut off all communication with her.

The purported Insta photo shows Erica posing in front of a mirror in an all-black outfit. You can see a couch and a coffee table with eight gaming controllers and some lounge chairs in the background. While it’s hard for anyone to know for sure if that’s what Zayn’s apartment looks like, Gigi would probably know in an instant.

Enrica’s obviously not naive about the experience, because she also said that after having sex, “he would appear rude and disinterested. We never really just hung out together.” Plus, she also noted that “Zayn could get any girl he wants and he was with Gigi, who is obviously incredibly beautiful.” The masseuse said she was “pretty surprised” when he showed interest in her.

Gigi’s been pretty busy lately, sharing photos on her Instagram from a Reebok ad campaign and documenting her departure from Milan a week ago.

We’ll have to wait and see how these reports impact her relationship with Zayn.