Rescue Pet Stories: Homeless Cat Finds Forever Home With College Student

Simon Alvarez

A female college student couldn't help but take a homeless cat she found back to her dorm. The young woman was determined to find the kitten a forever home. Luckily, fate seems to step in when no one wants to adopt the cat.

Recently, The Dodo posted a video about a 13-year-old cat named, Bailey, and how she found her forever home. Bailey's mom, Erin Merryn, orates the story of her fur baby throughout the video.

According to Merryn, she took the homeless cat back to her dorm one day. She let the orange feline with snow-white paws--who seems to be a tabby cat--live in her dorm until the school caught the cat in her room. Merryn's school gave her 48 hours to remove the homeless cat from the premises.

After a couple failed attempts at finding a forever home for the tabby cat, Merryn brought Bailey to her parents' home with the hope that her mom and dad would not oust the homeless feline. Fast forward to the present and Bailey has become a big part of Merryn's family. Her two children love Bailey. The formerly homeless cat seems to adore Merryn's children as well. Throughout the video, Merryn's kids can be seen playing dress up and house with Bailey. The orange tabby cat with snow-white paws can also be seen napping near the children, keeping them company.

Bailey's loving relationship with Merryn's children can be attributed to how well the young college student took care of the homeless cat she found in the years leading up to her first pregnancy. It is evident in the video that Merryn really cared for the cat, but was still cautious when introducing Bailey to her children.

Cat Behavior Associates suggests preparing your family cat in advance if you're expecting. For instance, the site suggests having your cat familiarize him/herself with the baby equipment or nursery before your bundle of joy comes home. Another good piece of advice is to create a cat-friendly environment or kid-free zone where your cat can have some alone time.

In Bailey's case, it can be seen when The video flashes a picture of a pregnant Merryn, and the tabby can be seen sneaking a peek in the background. Pets aren't oblivious to changes, and a pregnancy is no exception. So, it would be best if pet owners consider their animal friends when making big decisions. It seems like in Merryn's case, Bailey was always going to be part of the family.

For Bailey's full story, be sure to check out the full video, embedded above.