Elizabeth Hurley Gives Her First Joint Interview With Son Damian

'I wanted to bring up a really nice boy.'

Damian Hurley and Elizabeth Hurley attend The London Evening Standard Theatre Awards at The Old Vic Theatre
John Philips / Getty Images

'I wanted to bring up a really nice boy.'

Single mother Elizabeth Hurley and her only child Damian have never been interviewed together before, but the two are now speaking openly about their tight bond, and Elizabeth Hurley talks about raising a decent man.

The Daily Mail shared a personal interview by Judith Woods in which the two explain that beyond their mother and son bond, their personalities mesh and they get each other. Hurley admits that she might have spoiled Damian, but she knew he was the only child she was going to have. But it’s also hard not to notice that the two are really attractive.

Elizabeth Hurley says in a way she got lucky.

“I rather think I’ve simply been blessed with a child whose personality gels with mine. Friends who have several children always admit, although they love them all equally, inevitably there’s one whose personality mirrors their own and they ‘get’ each other better. It’s definitely nature not nurture.”

Elizabeth Hurley took off the first eight years of Damian’s life from acting, and he says that when she would travel, most of the time he accompanied her all over the world.

“Since I was aware of anything, I have known my mother spends every October traveling the world increasing awareness of breast cancer and has helped raise more than £58 million. I’ve accompanied her on fund-raising trips abroad and helped her illuminate famous landmarks in pink. The best trip was to India – I wore a pink turban, which I still have.”

Elizabeth Hurley says that her goal was to bring up a nice boy, despite the fact that she and nearly everyone around Damian spoiled him.

“I wanted to bring up a really nice boy. Damian is self-reliant, confident, but he can’t cook yet, which is a major failing on my part.”

Damian admits that he was indulged, but he also says that he had the unique experience to grow up on television and movie sets with his mom. He says he would come to the set after school.

“Everyone would spoil me,’ he says. ‘I knew all the actors’ lines and would hide behind furniture and prompt them. I was even younger when my mother first went back to work and did a season of Gossip Girl in New York.”

On Elizabeth Hurley’s show, The Royals, Damian was hired to do a small role, playing the character of Prince Hansel, in a soap within a soap, and he was terrific.

“I came back as Prince Hansel in season four and had scenes opposite the queen and the rest of the royal family. We were shooting 16-hour days over a swelteringly hot week, with Dame Joan Collins. It was memorable and hilarious – I hope I’m invited back.”