Ben Affleck’s Close Friends Are Finding It ‘Hard’ To Trust His Girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, Per ‘ET’

Shauna isn't trusted by Ben's friends.
David Becker / Stringer / Getty Images

Ben Affleck’s been spotted back at work, which could indicate that he’s doing better. The actor is reportedly still in rehab, but it sounds like he may be ready to head back to his regular life. But for some of Ben’s friends, it’s not so simple. According to Entertainment Tonight, people are finding it “hard” to trust his girlfriend, Shauna Sexton. This is what they said.

“It’s very hard for anyone who is close to Ben to trust Shauna because they don’t know her and she seemed to come out of nowhere. The one thing everyone knows is Shauna is not sober, she is incredibly young, and she came into Ben’s life at his lowest point. They wish that Ben would hold off on a relationship for now.”

It’s already been rumored that Jen Garner is less than fond of Shauna, having reportedly told Ben to dump her “or else.” However, this insider stressed that when it comes to Affleck’s new girlfriend, “Jen is treading very lightly and trying to express her concerns.”

If the source is correct, then it sounds like the problem could be solved by everyone just getting to know Shauna. Of course, that takes time, and the couple hasn’t had an opportunity to spend much time together in regular circumstances. This is because Ben was whisked away to rehab soon after they were rumored to be dating.

Ben and Shauna are, however, pretty far apart in age. While Affleck is 46-years-old, Shauna is only 22-years-old. That’s a 24-year difference.

But in other news, Ben is believed to be taking his sobriety seriously. He’s been part of an inpatient program since August 22, and while he has had the luxury of being able to leave to work out at home, he’s been under care for weeks.

Many rehab centers offer different tiers of programming. For example, addicts typically enter a program and undergo detox. After they’re done with detox, then they’ll start an inpatient program. During an inpatient program, the patient typically lives on-site. From there, many people will transition to an outpatient program, which allows them to live at home. But during an outpatient program, people can still get the support they need as they transition back to their regular life.

It’s hard to know if Ben will opt for an outpatient program, or whether he plans to jump back into his everyday life. And even though it may be frustrating for Shauna to hear that Ben’s friends are wary of her, it’s just another sign that Affleck has a good support system in place that’s looking out for him during this rough time.