Kate Middleton May Find The Meghan Markle ‘Factor’ Has Changed The ‘Royal Landscape,’ Per ‘The Daily Beast’

The Meghan factor may affect Kate.
Clive Brunskill / WPA Pool / Getty Images

Kate Middleton has been away from the public eye for a while now, while she focused on maternity leave and raising her kids. As she returns to royal duties, however, the Daily Beast suggests that Kate might find a different “royal landscape” than what she left. They described it using an office metaphor.

“Imagine taking a few months off work and coming back to find your bosses had hired a new person in a job very similar to yours, who was rather better at it than you, and seemed to enjoy all the stuff you hated—and they had also moved all the office furniture around.”

The publication points to the “Meghan factor,” referencing to all the ways in which the Duchess has transformed the public’s perception of a royal. This includes Meghan’s willingness to be photographed by paparazzi, while Kate tends to hide from the cameras. Another example is Meghan’s relatable nature, as she closed her own car door.

Prince Harry also noticed the fever surrounding his new wife, when he reportedly wanted the “hysteria” surrounding Meghan to subside. Perhaps he was hoping the summer vacation would do just that, but it seems that people’s interest in the Duchess has yet to wane.

The difference between Kate and Meghan, however, is quite vast. Their roles are completely different, as Kate preps to one day become the Queen. Middleton was not famous before she was a royal, while Meghan already understood the ups and downs of being a public figure long before she met Harry.

Others have pointed out that Meghan’s popularity could potentially strain her marriage with Prince Harry. This is because in the past, Prince Charles became unhappy when Princess Diana began stealing the spotlight. Not because she wanted to, but because the public naturally gravitated towards her, detailed the Inquisitr.

Royal expert Penny Junor expressed her opinion on the matter.

“The danger is William and Kate might get their noses put out of joint if they feel their activities are being ignored.”

But the Daily Beast thinks that’s highly unlikely. Because although there are many Meghan fans, most loyal royals fans can’t get enough of Kate or William. Especially as Kate has been away from the public eye for so long, her reappearance is likely to inspire new interest in her activities.

And while Princess Eugenie’s wedding may not be televised like Prince Harry and Meghan’s, it’ll be a great opportunity to see all of the royals together at a happy event.