Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Gets The Sweetest Manicure From His 2-Year-Old

Amy Feinstein

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the toughest action stars in Hollywood today, but that doesn't mean he's not game for a manicure courtesy of his 2-year-old daughter, Jasmine. Recently, Johnson covered a sweet photo on his Instagram page that features Jasmine painting her dad's nails red so that he can look nice for work. Something says that nobody is going to tease Johnson for sporting this nifty manicure.

The Daily Mail says that Johnson shared a photo he tagged "#PapaBearPriorities" which featured the larger than life star known as The Rock with his daughter, Jasmine, as he is getting his nails painted a shade of crimson red.

Me: Come here baby, give daddy a kiss I gotta go to work. Jazzy: But daddy you need your nails painted. Me: Sorry baby, daddy's gotta go to work Jazzy: No daddy you really need your nails painted - as she looks up at me with her mama's gorgeous blue eyes. Me: Yes, you're absolutely right - daddy needs his nails painted.

Johnson adds the tag #noremoverneeded hinting that he will be sporting the red nails at work on the set of his latest film project, which is a Fast & Furious spin-off.

Wife Chrissy Teigen captured the family spa afternoon on Instagram while Luna requested that her Elsa doll get a matching manicure. Luna's baby brother, Miles, was napping during this family spa session, but Teigen shared that when the earthquake tremors hit, she grabbed baby Miles and ran outside, stark naked.

"I very calmly walked outside saying clutching baby saying 'I'm naked. I'm naked. I'm naked.' like a naked zombie…"

Teigen said the aftershocks kept coming.

"So many aftershocks… im either still trembling or these little quakes won't stop IM TRYING TO BE NORMAL HERE… Another. Oh dear lord (sic)," she tweeted a little while later.

Teigen said that finally, there was enough of a break in the aftershocks to head to the safari park for Luna to see the animals, who she called mama or dada depending on whether she thought they looked male or female.