‘Big Brother 20’s’ Tyler Crispen Admits He Was Shocked These Two Houseguests Didn’t Vote For Him To Win

This article contains spoilers, obviously!

Tyler Crispen Second
Sonja Flemming / CBS

This article contains spoilers, obviously!

“Big Brother 20” finished up one of the most memorable seasons in the show’s recent history with a nail-biting final episode. The jury, who was to vote for the winner of the season, seemed to be undecided for the most part regarding who they thought played the best game out of the final two. Kaycee Clark laid low for the first half of the summer but proved to be a competition and social beast before anyone could really realize what was going on. Tyler Crispen played an almost opposite game. He played hard in the beginning, but towards the end he was able to rely on his alliance to bring him to the end. Both players worked extremely hard this summer to get to the final two and it seemed like it could be anyone’s game.

Kaycee Clark won the final tally by just one vote, making her the Season 20 winner. Tyler Crispen went on to win America’s Favorite Houseguest (which was voted on by viewers). However, Tyler recently revealed in a US Weekly interview, whose votes he thought he had in order to win but ultimately didn’t.

“Honestly, I really thought I would have Fessy or Scottie’s vote. I thought I would have one of them.”

Tyler didn’t go into detail as to why he thought he had the two men’s votes, just that he was surprised he didn’t. The runner-up was also surprised that a certain housemate did vote for him — Haleigh Broucher. Tyler has said her vote meant a great deal to him as her superfan status proved, in his eyes, the validity of his gameplay. Haleigh was in the same alliance as Fessy and Scottie (they’ve all been reunited post-show, and Fessy posted a killer picture of all of them together on Twitter). They had all previously loosely agreed to a voting pact. Other votes Crispen received, such as from Angela (his girlfriend in the house) and Brett, weren’t shocking, despite the fact that Brett was actually blindsided by Tyler when he was evicted. Tyler even commented on Brett’s vote.

“I knew Brett would understand and I know Brett had a level head. I really did count on Brett’s vote. I knew he wasn’t going to be bitter.”

JC Mounduix, the most recent evictee from the house, voted for Tyler to win too. Sam Bledsoe, who frequently talked in the diary room about how close she was with Tyler, voted for Kaycee Clark to win. Tyler admitted he wasn’t shocked by Bledsoe’s vote and that he saw it coming. According to Tyler, Sam played an “emotional game” and that he knew she was going to “feel betrayed” by him.

A split vote in the BB house isn’t uncommon. In fact, the last two seasons ended with Paul Abrahamian losing the finale by just one vote each time.