Lindsay Lohan Posts Quote About Life’s ‘Little Miracles’ After Getting Punched In The Face

Chance Yeh / StringerGetty Images

Lindsay Lohan got punched in the face by a mom trying to protect her kids, and the actress has followed that up by posting an inspirational quote on her Instagram page. The quote says, “Life is a series of tiny little miracles. Notice them.” Of course, her fans took little note of the actual quote, and engaged in heated debate about whether Lindsay was in the right or wrong during the incident.

The odd series of events unfolded, and was captured by Lohan herself. She thought she spotted a Syrian refugee family in Russia that was trafficking children. Lohan proceeded to ask them questions, offering them a hotel room to stay, and emphasized that “They really need help,” according to Radar Online. At one point, Lindsay made the mistake of trying to grab one of the kids, at which point the mom punched her. Afterward, Lindsay cried and said, “I’m so scared.”

Even after some time has passed since the incident, Lohan still seems to believe she did the right thing, according to a source. And that’s underscored in her Instagram post, which she captioned as follows.

“#Help others. #B4yourself #LOHANFOUNDATION #DOWHATEVER IT #TAKES @lohanbeachhousemykonos”

Interestingly enough, Lindsay slipped in a shout-out to her “newest summer venture” called LOHAN Beach House Mykonos. The website details a getaway location off the coast of Kalo Livadi. It boasts 200 umbrellas on the beach, VIP areas, a restaurant, boutique, wellness corner, and more.

While Lindsay probably wasn’t trying to get punched, it looks like she’s capitalizing on the increased publicity to promote her business. So maybe it wasn’t all for nothing, but that hasn’t stopped her fans from criticizing her. One fan, in a profanity-laced comment, told Lindsay that she shouldn’t have touched the kids, but should have just given them money. Others defended Lohan, saying she was really just trying to help them. On the other hand, some people are calling Lindsay names and told her to get “help.”

Whatever the case, Lindsay is still attracting tons of attention. Whether it’s her controversial comments about the Me Too movement or her “Lilo dance,” it looks like there are likely to be many people tuning in to her upcoming MTV reality show. The show shares the name of her business, and was announced in late July, detailed Variety. It’ll follow Lohan as she works to launch her resort, after she successfully opened Lohan Nightclub and Lohan Beach House Rhodes.