Poll: Americans Deeply Divided Over Kavanaugh, Ford After Hearing

It is hard to believe that Democrats and Republicans watched the same hearing.

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Andrew Harnik / Getty Images

It is hard to believe that Democrats and Republicans watched the same hearing.

New poll shows that Americans are deeply divided over testimony given by Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, The Hill reports.

Released Saturday, the YouGov poll shows that 41 percent of Americans “definitely” or “probably” believe Ford, while 35 percent “definitely” or “probably” believe Kavanaugh.

But, it is hard to believe that Democrats and Republicans watched the same hearing, YouGov notes. Seventy four percent of Republicans believe President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh was telling the truth, while 73 percent of Democrats believe Kavanaugh’s accusser Ford was telling the truth.

While Republicans and Donald Trump argued that both, Kavanaugh and Ford, were telling the truth, and that both testimonies were credible, this sentiment is not at all shared by the public, according to YouGov’s poll: Only 5 percent of polled Americans believes both.

Likewise, there appears to exist a gender gap between men and women. Forty four percent of women believe Ford was telling the truth, and 38 percent of men. Forty percent of men think Kavanaugh was telling the truth, and 31 percent of women.

Seventy eight percent of male Republicans believe Kavanaugh was telling the truth, compared 71 percent of female Republicans.

Men in both parties have a greater tendency to believe Kavanaugh over Ford. When it comes to Republicans, 69 percent of men believe Ford was not telling the truth. Eleven percent of Democratic men do not believe Ford.

According to the same poll, the Kavanaugh-Ford issue is an important factor ahead of this fall’s midterms, since 52 percent of those who believe Ford said that the Supreme Court will be an important factor in how they vote.

There appears to be little to no movement in support for Brett Kavanaugh after hearings.

“Overall, however, there appears to be little movement in support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a result of the hearings. 1,151 of the respondents in this survey had been interviewed for our September 22 survey for the Economist and were asked both times whether the Senate should confirm Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice. 80 percent of respondents gave the same answer in both surveys and there was almost no net movement in one direction or the other.”

Only 5 percent of prior Kavanaugh supporters switched to undecided or opposed, YouGov’s poll shows.

This data gives credence to the sentiment that Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination has become a partisan issue. As the Inquisitr recently reported, Kavanaugh was accused of “going full Trump” by some journalists, while others argued that Kavanaugh should not be confirmed since he would not be considered a biparisatin choice.