Melania Trump Reportedly ‘Sickened’ When She Heard Donald Shared Photos Of Barron With Stormy Daniels Per ‘HL’

Melania is sickened.
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It’s not easy to be the first lady, but things are getting messier than usual for Melania Trump, as Stormy Daniels sounds off on her affair with her husband, Donald. The tell-all book, Full Disclosure, will be released on October 2. In the meantime, different pieces of information from the book have come to light. This has included the very embarrassing claim from Stormy that the president’s privates mimic a video game character. After that information was made public, Melania was reportedly embarrassed, according to the Inquisitr.

But now, it looks like another line has been crossed, as Stormy claims that Donald shared a photo of young Barron with her before they had an affair, described the Daily Mail. This is what happened, according to Stormy.

“I said, ‘You’re married. What would your wife think of you being here with me?’ ‘Oh don’t worry about that,’ Daniels recalls Trump saying. ‘It’s not a big deal, anyway we have separate bedrooms’. ‘As if to prove his intentions were now legit, he jumped up to grab a photo. ‘Have you seen my son?”’

It’s no secret that Melania is very protective over her son, Barron. And now, a source claims that this new information has left the first lady feeling sick.

This is what the insider said about the drama, as described by Hollywood Life.

“If it’s true that Donald shared photos of their son with that woman then that’s really crossing the line as far as Melania is concerned. Melania is incredibly protective of Barron, and the thought of Donald showing him off like that, to somebody like Stormy Daniels, absolutely sickens her.”

Small clips and pieces of information from the Full Disclosure book have been making its rounds in the media, thanks to those who have advance copies of the book. However, when the book becomes available for the public to purchase and read, it’s very possible that there are more bombshell allegations made against the president.

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Meanwhile, Stormy is hyping the release of her book. In mid-September, she said that “It will blow your minds,” according to USA Today. And while readers don’t know all of the details from the book right now, if the leaked information is any indicator, Daniels might be right.

For now, recent Instagram photos on Stormy’s page show that she’s enjoying some horseback riding today. It looks like she’s enjoying some downtime, but the release of the book is likely to bring forth a new wave of attention and publicity.