Sarah Palin’s Son, Track, Is Arrested For Reportedly Assaulting A Female At His House

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Fans have been hearing a lot about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, a lot more recently. That’s thanks to her new role on the TV show, Teen Mom OG. But now, it looks like it’s her oldest son, Track, who is in the limelight. Except this time, the publicity isn’t for anything good.

According to a daily dispatch report from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Track, was arrested after there were reports of domestic violence at his home in Wasilla. The 29-year-old was arrested on September 28 around 10:40 p.m. The police report describes how he “assaulted an acquaintance,” and then later “prevented her [from calling authorites] by taking away her phone.”

To make matters worse, Track “physically resisted troopers” as they attempted to arrest him. That means that he’s facing numerous charges on top of the Assault IV (DV), including Interfering with Report of a DV, Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly conduct. He was not given the opportunity to be bailed out.

Today, Track appeared in court, and said that he was “not guilty, for sure.” He is at a facility in Palmer on a $500 unsecured bond, according to The Hill.

For those who have been following Track, this behavior isn’t completely out of the blue. In December, 2017, he allegedly beat his father, who told Track to stay away because he “had been drinking and taking pain medication,” detailed The Hill.

While his dad, Todd Palin, had a pistol when Track arrived, his son instead broke into the house and “began beating his father.” The punishment for this incident was community service, as he was only found guilty of “misdemeanor criminal trespass” by the Alaska Veterans Court. The Daily Mail secured photos and videos of Track mopping the floor at a Salvation Army thrift store.


He was seen in the store-mandated blue vest that he wore over a sweater and black pants. His other duties supposedly included “cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors and picking up and hanging clothes.” A source also added the following.

“I think people would be surprised. It’s almost incognito — it’s not picking up trash on the highway.”

And previously, in January, 2016, Track was arrested for allegedly punching his girlfriend, described the New York Times. The girlfriend claimed that Track had punched her head and said he would fire a rifle. Sarah Palin later addressed the incident, saying “her son had suffered trauma while serving Iraq.”