Insider Says Samantha Markle Visiting The UK Is A Publicity Stunt & Her Demands Are ‘Beyond Laughable’ Per ‘HL

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After announcing her intentions to travel to the U.K. earlier this week, it appears that Samantha Markle has gone through with her word. Meghan Markle’s half-sister has said that her reasons for being in the country are to force a confrontation between the two about their father, Thomas. Samantha claims that there are important updates on his health, but reports suggested that Meghan isn’t taking that seriously. She relies on her mom, Doria, for such important news.

Additionally, a source revealed to Hollywood Life that they believe Samantha is only in the U.K. as a publicity stunt.

“This is clearly just yet another publicity stunt from Samantha, and there’s a higher likelihood of h*ll freezing over than there is of Meghan sitting down with her for a chat.”

This shouldn’t be news to Samantha, as sources revealed similar information right after she announced her trip to the U.K. And now that Meghan is part of the royal family, looking her up is hardly as easy as finding her house and knocking on her door. And the source underscored that idea.

“The idea that Samantha can just turn up at Kensington Palace and demand to see Meghan is beyond laughable.”

Plus, it’s not like the duchess and her half-sister had much of a relationship to begin with. All of the negative name-calling and accusations by Samantha couldn’t have helped matters. Plus, she even threw shade at Prince Harry on his birthday through a tweet.

And while Samantha has been hounding Meghan, telling her that she ought to care about her dad more and calling her names, the insider pointed out that the half-sister is actually making money off the duchess.

“Samantha continues to shamelessly profit off of her association with Meghan, and has proven time and time again that she isn’t to be trusted.”

There’s been lots of criticism surrounding the royal family’s treatment of the Markles. While many agree that the family members are out of line, others have pointed out that the Americans needed support with handling the media attention.

And even though Thomas had previously threatened to travel to the U.K. to attempt to speak to his daughter, there wasn’t much forewarning about Samantha’s trip.

If this is an attempt to gain publicity, then Samantha and her publicist, Rob Cooper, are certainly doing a good job. It may help boost Samantha’s book sales about her sister, but other than that, many people are having a hard time understanding her true motivations for being in England.