Lindsay Lohan Fans Say She Should ‘Be In Jail’ For Behavior In Bizarre Instagram Live Video

Lindsay Lohan attends the Elle Style Awards
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Lindsay Lohan made headlines over the weekend when she took to her Instagram Live to accuse a refugee family of child trafficking.

According to Hollywood Life, Lindsay Lohan’s fans were completely stunned by the events they witnessed in the odd video of the actress, and many took to social media to reveal their thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Some fans couldn’t help but make jokes about Lohan’s attempt to not only speak Arabic but also speak in an Arabic accent.

One Twitter user posted a gif of Lindsay saying “Jambo” from the movie Mean Girls, and added, “All I could think of when lindsay lohan was making up some accent on her instagram live.”

Another revealed that the video was so bizarre that it almost felt like a dream. “This Lindsay Lohan stuff literally sounds like a wild, incoherent dream that you try to describe to your friends but it’s so random that everyone shakes their head like you’re crazy,” one person tweeted.

A third Twitter user revealed that Lindsay Lohan is “lucky” that she didn’t go to jail for seemingly trying to kidnap two children from their family.

“Lindsay Lohan needs to be in jail after her latest shenanigans. She’s lucky that mom only popped her in the face,” the social media comment reads.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lohan had been spending the day in Moscow when she went live on Instagram as she approached a family of four who was on the street under a blanket.

The actress claimed that the family was refugees from Syria and that she wanted to help them, even offering to put them up in a hotel for the night to let the young boys watch movies.

However, the family refuses Lindsay’s offer and she becomes angry, telling the mother that she should take her up on the offer for a home and a bed. When the family tries to move away from Lohan, she accuses them of trafficking children.

After Lohan continued to follow the family through the streets, she attempted to grab one of the boys’ hands, and that is when things got physical. The children’s mother pushed the actress to the ground and struck her in the face.

Lindsay Lohan continued to film during the incident and later turned the camera on herself, revealing through tears that she was so scared about what had just happened.

The video quickly went viral online, but Lindsay Lohan has yet to publicly speak out about the event.