Johnny Galecki Pulls A Duck Face Beside ‘The Connors’ Guest Star Juliette Lewis On Instagram

Johnny Galecki appears at a charitable event.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Johnny Galecki may be best known nowadays for his co-starring role as Leonard Hofstadter in the ensemble cast comedy The Big Bang Theory, but his roots in television go much deeper than that. Before he hit television screens in the CBS laugh-fest helmed by Chuck Lorre, Galecki was also a notable cast member in the ABC sitcom Roseanne — playing the role of David Healy, a friend to the Conner family.

In a recent post to popular social media platform Instagram, Galecki can be seen showing off a more casual side of his personality. Curly-haired and sporting a raised eyebrow — Galecki is pictured pulling off the expression commonly known on the internet as the “duck face.” Lips pursed together tightly, eyes squinting, and tilting his head ever so slightly to the side, Galecki is the embodiment of the photographic craze.

Joining him in the frame is the lovely and talented Juliette Lewis, perhaps most famous for her roles in Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers, and From Dusk till Dawn. If Lewis is aware that Johnny Galecki is essentially photobombing their shared selfie, she shows little to no sign of it. Adopting a modest smile, the actress turned rocker looks into the camera, brown eyes and chestnut tresses complimented by a slender necklace and delicate earrings.

The pair is backgrounded by what appears to be an unfinished room, a large crack in the wall bearing tape. A simple white and gray curtain can also be seen at the fringes of the frame.

The Instagram share has garnered a fair bit of positive attention from fans of both Galecki and Lewis, with over 20,000 likes and 100 plus comments have been pinned to the post in just over an hour since it went live.

Galecki and Lewis are set to return as guest stars for the very first season of Roseanne spin-off, The Connors. According to the Daily Mail, Johnny Galecki will be revisiting his role as David Healy, while Juliette Lewis will be portraying the role of his girlfriend, Blue. In an ironic — but slightly unsettling — plot twist, Galecki and Lewis will be reunited this time as lovers, while previously they had shared the silver screen as siblings in the iconic holiday classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Both were child stars at the time, with Galecki playing the role of Rusty Griswold and Lewis portraying his sister, Audrey.

Several of the comments made on the Instagram post in question make note of this, with one user writing “Griswold Sibs!” and another penning, “This makes my ♥️ Loving this picture! Best Christmas movie of them all.”

Galecki is well known for his tongue-in-cheek social media posts made in a humorous fashion, and so this “duck face” selfie makes more sense than one might imagine at first glance. Fans of Galecki and Lewis would do well to follow The Connors, which premieres Tuesday, October 16.