Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Dons Cheerleader Outfit Crop Top On Instagram

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model — and former cheerleader for the New England Patriots — Camille Kostek took to popular social media platform Instagram late last night to share a trio of photographs to her growing fanbase.

Well known to the world not only for her beauty and charm but also for her on-again-off-again relationship with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, Kostek has been making waves on social media lately for her provocative yet amusing shares.

In this particular photo set, Kostek is pictured in a series of three images zoomed in very close to her face and upper torso. In the first image, the former cheerleader looks coyly over her raised shoulder, winking at the camera lens with mouth wide open. She is wearing a cheerleader-inspired crop top that exposes a bit of her bare midriff, the colors of which are a near match for the red, white, and blue of her former football squad.

The middle image displays Kostek in good spirits, smiling broadly and showing off her pearly whites to great effect. Her golden locks tumble down about her neck and shoulders, and a pair of cherry earrings dangles from her ears. Her blue-green eyes are framed by perfectly sculpted eyebrows that at the same time appear almost effortless in their execution.

The far-right picture — and the last of the set — shows Kostek in slight profile, a wayward strand of her hair blown to the corner of her eye. The most thoughtful or reflective of the three poses, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model looks away into the distance, though still sporting a grin. She rests her left hand pensively just beneath her chin, fingers resting lightly at her collar.

Her fans seemed to really appreciate the sweet and simple trio of shots as well, awarding Kostek over 17,000 likes and well over 100 comments on Instagram.

“I just wished that my winks were as sexy as yours! Mine look so not sexy!! Lol????” wrote one user.

“Adorable!!! At all angles!” another wrote.

The caption itself told a basic story — though quite imaginative — about what might presumably be a chance encounter with an unknown admirer.

The Instagram data attached to the images reveal that Kostek is currently in Los Angeles, California. After a few months of globetrotting — vacationing in Jamaica and in St. Thomas in recent months as detailed by the Inquisitr — it appears that the accomplished model and actress has returned to American soil.

But heading back to the hustle and bustle of business in Los Angeles comes after a nice trip home for the blonde bombshell. As the Inquisitr reports, Camille Kostek took a trip to her hometown of Killingworth, Connecticut last week to take in some wine and some much needed time with friends and family.