Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Halloween Plans For The Kids Revealed

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis may be royalty, but they’re also children. And kids are all about Halloween — well, Louis not so much, since he’s still an infant. So does that mean that the youngest Windsors will be dressing up and going door-to-door in London gathering treats, like American kids?

Probably not, unfortunately, according to OK! Magazine, and here’s why.

Halloween Isn’t As Big Over There

For starters, Halloween just isn’t as big a deal in the United Kingdom as it is in the U.S. Over here, Halloween is the second-biggest retail holiday, according to Creative Resources Group, second only to Christmas. We go nuts with decorating, buying candy, and of course, buying costumes for ourselves, our children, even our pets. American kids look forward to trick-or-treating almost as much as they look forward to opening presents under the Christmas tree.

Across the pond, not so much. According to The Telegraph, the very same holiday that originated as a pagan tradition in the British Isles is now largely a non-event. The reasons for that have to do with culture and religion and would take paragraph upon paragraph to explain — just take our word for it. Very few kids trick-or-treat, and those that do find houses handing out candy few and far between.

Long story short: about the most a British kid can expect for Halloween is maybe, maybe, an invitation to another kid’s Halloween party.

how will the littlest windsors celebrate halloween
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What That Means For George, Charlotte, And Louis

So the three littlest Windsors will certainly not be trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean that October 31 will simply be just an ordinary Wednesday night for George, Charlotte, and Louis. Royal expert Christina Reeves wrote last year – and the same is likely true this year – that William and Kate probably hosted a party for the kids and their classmates from school.

“It’s likely they will throw a private party for George and Charlotte behind closed doors.”‘

What’s more, since the kids’ Grandma Carole and Auntie Pippa have experience planning parties, the kids’ Halloween party may very well be the preschoolers’ equivalent of a rager.

“Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton and sister, Pippa Middleton might well put their party planning skills to good use.”

As for their costumes, that’s anybody’s guess. For what it’s worth, Prince George is reportedly a huge fan of the cartoon Fireman Sam, according to The Stir, so he may well dress as a character from that show. This writer suggests he dress as King John from Disney’s Robin Hood, because that would be the most meta thing to ever happen.