Country Music Singer Jason Isbell Says ‘Jesus Would Not Have Voted For Donald Trump’

Jason Isbell attends Americana Honors & Awards Ceremony at Country Music Hall of Fame in 2018
Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Country singer and songwriter Jason Isbell grew up deep in the south in Republican-dominated Alabama, but today he is an open Democrat and denouncing those who voted for Trump in 2016. The Guardian reports that in an interview with Rolling Stone, Isbell said, “Jesus would not have voted for Trump.” The country singer also questioned the Christian faith of those who voted for Trump, stating, “God is gone from these people.”

“If you can look the other way because you think the economy’s doing better, you can ignore the fact that this man is obviously not a Christian, then you’re not behaving in a way that Jesus would have behaved,” Isbell said.

The Guardian says that Isbell’s music became noticeably more political after Trump was elected to the presidency in 2016. His songs “Hope the High Road” and “White Man’s World” took on issues like protesting Trump and recognizing the privilege in society. Isbell said his song “Hope the High Road” tells listeners “to fight as hard as you can possibly fight, without losing your dignity.”

As a proud activist, the 39-year-old singer elaborated on his theory that voting for Trump wasn’t a Christian action.

“The whole point of Christianity is to behave as Jesus would have behaved – and Jesus would not have voted for Donald Trump, no matter what his pay was going to do as a result of that.”

Isbell has been pretty active on Twitter lately, promoting his album and sharing jokes. The above post from Thursday received 6,600 likes, so Isbell is definitely reaching people in his efforts. In the tweet, Isbell sarcastically asks Kavanaugh supporters to “buy literally everything I own.” Comments on the post were a general mixture of agreement with Isbell’s point and argument for Kavanaugh’s defense.

The country singer also promoted National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday by sharing a tweet. In the tweet’s photo, Isbell holds a red sign that says “Register to VOTE now” in large white letters. Isbell points to the sign with a charismatic look on his face, as he tries to inspire more people to register. The comments for this tweet showed again, a variety of responses. While some comments supported and commended Isbell for encouraging voter registration, others made sure to argue which political party one should vote for.

Isbell does his fair share of charity work too, which at least agrees with his claimed Christian ideals. Billboard reports that Isbell and his band The 400 Unit played at the Alabama & Friends tornado-relief concert in Jacksonville on Wednesday, among other artists.