‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Brittany Cartwright Is Being Inducted Into The Hooters Hall Of Fame

Charles SykesBravo

Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright is being honored by the company she spent so many years working for in the past. The former Hooters girl is currently being inducted into the restaurant’s Hall of Fame. Brittany traveled to Clearwater, Florida, this week with co-star Kristen Doute to receive the honor from the popular restaurant chain.

Brittany’s fiance, Jax Taylor, confirmed the news on his Twitter page this week after a fan asked if Brittany and Kristen were having a girls weekend.

“She’s going in the @Hooters hall of fame, follow her Instagram story is so cute, I miss my fiancé so much,” he shared.

Jax also added that Brittany was having “the best time” with the Hooters team and seemed sad he couldn’t join her for all the fun.

The official Hooters Twitter even responded to one of Jax’s tweets with a gif that said “missing you.” The company also liked all of the tweets from the reality star regarding Brittany and her induction into the Hall of Fame.

After a Twitter user commented that Brittany only worked at Hooters for a year, Jax made sure to correct them. The reality star worked at the wing joint for eight years prior to coming on Vanderpump Rules and is getting the recognition she deserves from the restaurant. After moving to California to be with Jax several years ago, she got a job at a local Hooters where she worked for a little while before being hired at S.U.R.

Hooters has been a favorite restaurant to Jax and Brittany, and the Vanderpump Rules cast has often visited the spot on several episodes of the show. Brittany even threw Jax a surprise birthday party at the eatery last season.

Brittany has been sharing her time in Clearwater on her Instagram Story, and recently shared a photo chowing down on one of Hooters world famous wings.

“True love. Traditional breaded hot please. With lots of ranch,” she captioned a photo on her story.

Just five months ago, Brittany was given the honor to be a judge in the 22nd Annual Hooters Pageant. The SURver joked in an Instagram post that she had wanted to be in the pageant for years, and couldn’t believe she had been given the honor of judging the popular contest. Brittany helped crown the winner, Laiken Marie Baumgartner, back in May.

It’s unknown if Brittany’s trip to Hooters will play out on Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules, which is currently filming.