Jenna Cooper’s ‘Forensic Evidence’ Only Led To Her Unfollowing Jordan Kimball, As He Sang ‘Cry Me A River’

Paul HebertABC

It looks like the Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper saga may be winding to an end. After rumor monger Reality Steve posted screenshots of text messages that were allegedly from Jenna, the newly-engaged couple from Bachelor in Paradise crumbled into pieces. It’s not too surprising, considering that the texts said nasty things about how Jenna was supposedly only using Jordan and the Bachelor franchise for her business, and that she was faking the relationship. Most of all, Jordan seemed convinced from the get-go that the texts were really from Cooper, and even went on a podcast with Steve to hash out the details.

Since then, Jenna threatened legal action against the people responsible for the allegations. She even said that Reality Steve was refusing to share the original screenshot files, suggesting that Steve knew they were fake. Also, Jenna posted a long message on Instagram three days ago, saying that she finally had “forensic evidence” to prove her innocence.

For those who wanted to believe that the evidence would suffice, and she and Jordan may eventually make a miraculous comeback as a couple again, this news may come as a disappointment. It looks like since Jenna posted the last photo, she’s unfollowed Jordan on Instagram, according to Life & Style Magazine.

And it doesn’t just end there. Jordan also posted an Instagram story of himself singing Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River,” which some people think is directed at Jenna. Although it’s hard to know exactly, or if, Jenna shared her evidence with Jordan, these actions suggest that the two are probably done for good. Plus, Jenna deleted photos of her and Jordan from her page, which is further proof that the girl is moving on.

In her most recent stories, Jenna posted a photo of some avocado on toast and eggs, saying “It’s a new day & I’m back.” A second photo showed her on a balcony overlooking a forest scenery, with two plates of salad and two glasses of red wine. She captioned that story “MOOD.”

The drama surrounding Jenna and Jordan have rocked their loyal supporters. While Jordan’s fans blamed Jenna for the devastation and believe she really sent the mean texts, Jenna’s supporters believe that the entire thing was fabricated. As people have gone back and forth for weeks about whose fault it was, Jenna was left to prove her innocence.

While we may never find out exactly what happened with Cooper and Kimball, it certainly looks like the once fan-favorite couple will never be an item again.