‘The Young And The Restless’ Casting Shocker Means Eileen Davidson Is Not Gone For Good!

Eileen Davidson may not be done with Y&R
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

One of the latest The Young and the Restless stars to leave the show is Ashley Abbott actress Eileen Davidson. However, recent news reveals that Davidson isn’t leaving from Genoa City for good.

The Inquisitr reported about Davidson’s wrap party with her co-stars after the countdown to her saddest goodbye when she filmed her final scenes in Genoa City. However, according to a new Soap Opera Digest interview, Y&R head writer Mal Young called the actress’s departure a goodbye for now, instead of a forever goodbye.

“She and I have got an agreement that Ashley is just popping off more [for] a little while. She’s still going to be a massive part of the show. Eileen is still part of our family, so this is just a little time out,” Young said. “Ashley will be dropping in from time to time, and there’ll be a moment in the future when she’ll be back, and we’re doing a big new story with her. It’s sad to say goodbye to someone, but this time, it isn’t goodbye.”

Young’s take on things seems different than the message Davidson gave fans when she initially revealed her departure. The Daytime Emmy-winning actress wanted time to spend with her family. Even her recent goodbye countdown videos seemed to convey an air of finality, but Young revealed the news that is sure to thrill fans because it sounds like this is more of a break for Davidson.

The other excellent news is that Young hinted at some fantastic Y&R spoilers coming up when Ashley exits the storyline, and it sounds like they are extraordinarily good.

“You should lean into those things because it means you get to go places that you normally can’t because the person isn’t leaving. For Ashley’s exit, it gives us the biggest Abbott story and twist in years! It’s really great,” he promised.

The head writer boasted that not only do the actors involved in the storyline absolutely love the upcoming scripts that deal with the character’s departure, but he also felt that the scenes are some of the very best that Davidson has ever done, and the actress set an incredibly high bar with her body of work in daytime TV.

Young promised viewers a spectacular sendoff for the beloved character.

“During the last few episodes before Ashley goes, we’ll be doing something pretty special across the whole week. It’ll be a real treat to the viewers and an homage to Eileen and her portrayal of the character.”

It sounds like something to look forward to in the weeks ahead. As for next week, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) get prepared for their wedding, while the Abbotts deal with the fallout from Billy’s (Jason Thompson) gambling addiction.

The Inquisitr‘s Y&R spoilers have all the details on what’s happening next in Genoa City.