Camille Kostek Reminds Everyone She’s Not Just A Model As She Busts Out ‘Big Girl Moves’ For Latest Gig

Camille busts a move.
Cassidy Sparrow / Stringer / Getty Images

Camille Kostek’s been gaining traction as a Sports Illustrated model, but she reminded everyone that she’s a lot more than just a model. In her latest Instagram video, she showcases some of her dance moves and gave fans a sneak peek into the backstage of her latest gig with Reebok. She’s modeling the new Pure Move Bra series, and headed to Portland, Oregon, for a photoshoot inside and outdoors at Horsethief Butte. It’s not completely surprising to see her bust her “big girl moves” as she called them. Because after all, she used to be a Patriots cheerleader before she left the squad to pursue a modeling career.

In the video, Camille can be seen doing some arabesques while mixing in some hip-hop moves. Although it was in black-and-white, it’s easy to see that she’s wearing the same outfit that she showed off in previous photos: an off-white sports bra, tight black leggings, and white sneakers. Fans poured in with their messages of support, with one person saying, “Soooo proud of you!!!! Keep rocking it and always inspiring the world.” Another said, “I love everything about this. Never ever stop dancing.”

Kostek’s had the hashtag #NeverNotDancing in her Instagram bio for a while, and it looks like her biggest supporters are making it a thing.

The comments section gets pretty interesting too, as the supposed inventor of the Pure Move Bra, Dani Witek, seems to be getting props from someone named Peter Holland. This is what Peter said.

“@danisyra you are a BOSS for discovering this technology, imagining this bra and absolutely crushing every aspect of its design… while pregnant and on maternity no less.”

To that, Camille had her own things to say.

“@realpeteholland RETWEET [hand clap emoji] @danisyra im honored to be rocking your design.”

That was too much for Dani, who responded to the two of them.

“@camillekostek whaaaaaaaa I’m [skull emoji] This is incredible! Thanks for the love and for being a part of our #puremovebra journey! @realpeteholland you’re too much, that’s so sweet [heart emoji]”

The Pure Move Bra has also been spotted on different models’ Instagram accounts, including the sought-after Gigi Hadid. She posted a series of three photos just two days ago, showing off the new Reebok Pure Move Bras. The first black-and-white photo showed Gigi from the back as she sported a black bra and leggings, while the second and third photos were of Gigi wearing a black bra with a loose, cropped white bra on top.