September 28, 2018
WWE Rumors: John Cena's Recent Twitter Posts Spark Retirement Talk Among Fans

For most of the year, John Cena has essentially been a part-time performer for WWE. Considering the fact that he turned 41 this year and is now focusing more on his second career as a Hollywood actor, there has been speculation as to how much longer he may continue competing in the ring. That speculation seems to have fired up once again, as Cena's tweets over the past few days have reportedly driven several fans to wonder whether he is hinting at his retirement from professional wrestling.

According to, the tweets were posted on Tuesday and Thursday, as the 16-time world champion first reflected on how "nothing lasts forever," and how people should enjoy whatever time they have to do the things that they love. While most of the replies to this first tweet saw Cena's followers sharing their own personal experiences unrelated to wrestling, there were others who asked him if he is indeed planning to step away from the ring.

Two days later, Cena took to Twitter once again, this time explaining how he now sees rest as being equally important as hard work.

"I am guilty of this myself but I'm changing my view now. Hard work and persistence are needed for success, but so is rest and recovery. Busy periods of time will come, but never sell short recharging yourself. I'm NOT on 'the grind 24/7' because rest is more productive."
Reacting to the fan speculation that John Cena might be retiring soon, pointed out that the veteran WWE superstar has spent the past few years dealing with "nagging" neck injuries. The publication suggested that he might not actually be hinting at retirement, but rather edging toward an even more limited schedule where he could fight once a year at WrestleMania, much like The Undertaker's usual schedule in recent years. Cena, who had last fought a televised match in April at WrestleMania 34, is scheduled to team up with Bobby Lashley in a tag team match against Kevin Owens and Elias at next week's Super Show-Down pay-per-view in Australia.
John Cena's supposed hints at retirement came shortly after another longtime wrestler, Matt Hardy, teased his plans to hang up his boots for several weeks before seemingly announcing his retirement in a video earlier this month. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hardy had been suffering from a number of injuries prior to his announcement, including one where his lower back and pelvis had fused together after over two decades of high-impact moves in the ring.