Farrah Abraham Defends Her Parenting On ‘Face The Truth’

Tibrina HobsonGetty Images

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham isn’t about to let anyone call her out for her parenting decisions.

Farrah Abraham took to her Twitter account on Friday to share a clip showing her defending herself during her appearance on the talk show, Face The Truth.

During the appearance, the show’s hosts — including Vivica A. Fox — tell Farrah that she should not be allowing her young daughter, Sophia, to be so fluent on social media. In particular, th hosts question her daughter’s participation in online challenges such as the “Kiki Challenge” — where she got out of a moving car and danced on the street as her famous mother recorded her from the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

“Guess what? If it’s done in a safe way, I’m okay with my daughter being creative. I’m not doing anything outlandish than what any of our other parents are doing. Are you guys in tune to what is actually going on in this kids’ age group?” Farrah told the show’s hosts after they had remarked that other parents weren’t letting their kids participate in similar situations.

In the caption of the tweet, the former Teen Mom says that she isn’t going to let “negativity” ruin her and or daughter’s creativity.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham also took a drug test while she was on the show, and the results were read right then and there.

It was revealed that Abraham had barbiturates in her system, which the hosts revealed may have come from a doctor prescribed drug such as a muscle relaxer or sleep aid.

However, the ex-Teen Mom star denied the positive drug test results, claiming that it was either a false positive or rigged for TV.

“The drug test was false! I was more disappointed over what Vivica had to do in order to get press for her show. You have a fake audience. You attack women. Your advice isn’t even credible that you’re giving someone,” Abraham told Radar Online.

Farrah also claimed that she had spoken to her doctor about the drug test results, and that she should not have tested positive for barbiturates. “I don’t take aspirins or muscle relaxers, I’m training for a boxing match,” Abraham confessed.

Farrah Abraham also went off on Vivica A. Fox, saying that the talk show host’s behavior was inappropriate, especially for a woman “her age,” and that she does not want any part of a show that is “sex-shaming.”