Ariana Grande Bares Her Soul & Her Skin In Vulnerable Photo

Ariana Grande smiles while performing in Beverly Hills, 2016
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In a new Instagram photo posted Friday, Ariana Grande seems to be showing her more vulnerable side. In the what could be interpreted as a slightly disturbing photo, Grande is depicted crying and wrapping her arms around herself in a hug of comfort, as her top seems to be pulled down. From the looks of it, the singer is wearing a bra but is covering her chest protectively.

What’s more, behind the 25-year-old appears to be standing a man, whose upper body and face are not depicted. What you can see though is that one of the mysterious man’s hands is reaching forward to touch Grande, adding to the general creep-factor of the whole photo. It’s not clear what the singer is trying to convey by posting the photo, but nonetheless, it already has 845,000 likes within an hour of being posted.

The only caption Grande offered on her photo was a heart symbol followed by an angel emoji. Comments on the post were disabled as of Friday, as has been the case with all of Grande’s Instagram posts since the tragic death of her ex, Mac Miller, invited unwelcome criticism and hate messages.

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♡ ???????? dwt

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Could it just be irony that Grande’s Instagram post appeared a few days after the #BelieveSurvivors protest movement began on social media? The Inquisitr covered the protest, which argues that sexual assault victims need to be believed, not dismissed because their only evidence is their word. Ariana’s new photo seems to display a woman who looks violated and insecure, so there is the possibility that it’s her way of speaking up on the movement. Then again, the artist does have a song titled “No Tears Left to Cry,” so perhaps the photo pays homage to the track.

More likely, perhaps the photo has to do with the tweet that Grande shared Thursday. The update seemed to show that the artist is having a rough time lately.

“can i pls have one okay day. just one. pls,” the singer tweeted.

Unlike her Instagram account, Grande’s Twitter account does seem to allow comments, at least on some posts. Fans seemed to show the singer support for her time of stress.

“Pls take your time. Take time to heal. Your health and happiness are the most important. We’ll always be there for you. We’ll never leave. We have your back. We’re praying for you,” said one Twitter user’s comment.

Grande’s newest post also comes a few weeks after she was allegedly “groped” by Bishop Charles Ellis III at the Aretha Franklin funeral, according to Variety.