‘The Walking Dead’s’ Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Frustration Of Not Knowing Negan’s Fate & How Fans Are Split


The Walking Dead Season 9 debuts on AMC on October 7 and fans are anxious to find out the fate of Negan. As Vanity Fair reported, The Walking Dead Season 9 will bid farewell to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Negan’s rival. The last time we saw Negan, the Lucille-swinging villain was jailed in Alexandria after Rick decided to spare his life, a decision that has left many characters and fans angry.

Recently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show. As heard on The Rich Eisen Show, The Walking Dead actor talked about how fans are split about Negan.

“Fifty percent of the people are ready for Negan to meet a grisly end, and the other 50 percent are liking Negan and want to see what else can happen here.”

Rich Eisen asked The Walking Dead star if some fans are hoping that Negan turns into the nice guy. Jeffrey Dean Morgan said that some fans are absolutely rooting for that scenario and for Negan to find some redemption. The actor said that in The Walking Dead comic book, his character does find a slight amount of redemption, but Morgan doesn’t know if the series will follow that story because they like to switch it up from the source material to keep fans of the comic interested in the show. Morgan said that it’s been an interesting year playing the different sides of Negan and finding new shades of the character.

Rich Eisen asked Morgan what he looks for in a Walking Dead script when he first gets it, and the actor said that he first checks to see if he’s in it. The podcast host seemed surprised to find out that the actors on the AMC show don’t know the outcome of the series, and Morgan revealed how he felt about being kept in the dark.

“I hate it. I hate it. I believe in, kind of, giving the actors as much information as possible. For one, it certainly helps us as actors figure out what our arc is for the year. If you can tell me at the beginning of the year where I’m gonna end up that year, that helps me as an actor, kind of, create the story that I need to in each scene. But not knowing, it’s hard. It’s hard because you want everything to connect and make sense.”

Morgan said that The Walking Dead has never been big on sharing too much with the actors and that it’s the nature of the beast because some people would spoil the information if they found out. He said that he is excited for the new season because they have new writers and a new showrunner. Jeffrey Dean Morgan remarked that the writing has been topnotch and that he’s very excited for the fans to see The Walking Dead Season 9.