Jamie Jungers Brings Tiger Woods Mistress Total To Four

Another day, another mistress in the soap opera that is Tiger Woods life, and the latest bit on the side goes by the name of Jamie Jungers.

Jamie Jungers is said to be a Las Vegas model and cocktail waitress, although outside of that not much is known about her. Unlike some of Tigers other casual partners, Jungers is at least good looking (see picture above,) unlike the previous mistresses who all suffered from being mutton dressed up as lamb.

Reports claim that Jamie has sold her story to a British tabloid, and that her tale will be published on Sunday, although that is nothing more than an unconfirmed rumor at this stage.

Jamie Jungers now officially gets the title of Tiger Woods fourth mistress, with the public at large now speculating how quickly it will be until we get to a fifth, sixth or even more!