Bryce Harper Has Washington Fans Wondering About His Future With Latest Instagram Post

Bryce Harper
Rob Carr / Getty Images

The Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper is entering his free agent year. Whether he is simply going to test the waters and stay with the only team he has been with for his entire MLB career, or seek a new team with a potentially bigger contract is unknown. Since the spring, Harper has been linked to a number of teams as a potential landing spot including the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Dodgers, Cubs, Giants, Angels, and the list goes on. Each has deep enough pockets to sign him, and some even have something more to offer than money – the chance to win a World Series.

It is with that in mind that The Score reported on Harper’s latest Instagram post, which was actually a nine-panel post waving to fans in the stands. It could be that he is simply marking the end of the season with his collage and saying see you next year, or it could be that he is thanking the fans for years of support and saying goodbye on a more definitive basis. Harper hasn’t commented on which it is, but if he intended to create a buzz and get people to nag the National’s front office about whether they will pursue a new deal with him, then his mission was accomplished.

“To the fans and the city of DC, thank you!”

Harper has been fairly tight-lipped about any preferences he has regarding who he signs with this winter, but the one thing that is thought to be certain is that he will be seeking the highest ever contract in MLB history. While it is possible that fellow free agent Manny Machado may eclipse him, or potentially Mike Trout if the Angels do in fact offer his a lifetime contract as reported by The Inquisitr, he may hold the record for at least a little while.

Harper, who is entering what are statistically the prime years in the career as an MLB player, has a strong fan base in Washington that wants to see him stick around and help make the team a contender. As CBS reported, however, his agent is Scott Boras, and Boras is known for taking his clients to wherever the biggest payday is. They think it is likely a “provisional goodbye” just in case he leaves, not buying into the speculation that he has already made up his mind where he will play next season.

As For The Win pointed out, it was his last home game of the year, and although it could mean something big, the odds are he was genuinely just thanking the hometown fans for their support this season. Thus far, fans have been thanking him back, and many have posted on the various panels of his collage their hopes that he will stick around.