Brett Kavanaugh Calendar May Reveal Date Of Sex Assault Described By Christine Blasey Ford: ‘Washington Post’

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During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Brett Kavanaugh — Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee — was asked by prosecutor Rachel Mitchell about the July 1, 1982 entry on his personal calendar, a calendar he said that he had maintained as a form of diary and retained for the past 36 years. Kavanaugh submitted the calendar to the Senate, as the Inquisitr has reported, as evidence proving that he could not have attended a party at which Palo Alto University psychologist Christine Blasey Ford accuses him of sexually assaulting her.

But the July 1 entry appears to reveal that Kavanaugh attended a gathering on that date “for ‘skis” — short for “brewskis” or beer — with two of the people named as being in attendance at the party described by Ford in her own testimony earlier on Thursday, and in her previous allegations — Mark Judge and Patrick “P.J.” Smyth. Kavanaugh confirmed during his testimony, according to a transcript published by The Washington Post, that Judge and Smyth were the people listed in his July 1, 1982, calendar entry which notates a gathering at the home of another Kavanaugh high school friend.

The calendar entry also notes that a person with the nickname “Squi” attended the July 1, 1982, beer-drinking party.

“Squi” was identified by Kavanaugh as a boy who had dated the teenage Christine Blasey for some period of time during that summer, as Blasey Ford revealed in her testimony, according to the Post.

Kavanaugh denied knowing Blasey Ford, saying “we did not travel in the same social circle, she was not a friend, not someone I knew.” But as Post investigative reporter Philip Bump noted, Kavanaugh’s claim that he did not know Blasey appears dubious in light of the revelation that she was dating one of his best friends.

The Inquisitr is not naming the man identified by Kavanaugh by the nickname “Squi” because he appears to be the same man falsely named as having committed the assault on Blasey Ford in a now-deleted Twitter thread by top conservative lawyer and longtime Kavanaugh friend Ed Whelan, as the Inquisitr earlier reported.

But according to the Post analysis, the July 1 calendar entry also fits the timeline of events described by Blasey Ford.

Bump notes that Blasey Ford testified to meeting Mark Judge — the other boy in the room with Kavanaugh during the assault alleged by Blasey Ford — about “six to eight weeks” after the attack, as Judge worked at a local supermarket. According to Judge’s own memoir, Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk, he worked as a “bag boy at the local supermarket” during that summer. Judge says in the book that he worked at the store until football camp began that summer, a date noted on Kavanaugh’s calendar on August 22.

That date, a few days short of eight weeks after July 1, fits the “six to eight week” timeline described by Blasey Ford.

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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, at her Senate Judiciary Committee testimony Thursday.Featured image credit: Win McNameeGetty Images

“This is a central point to Ford’s allegation. Kavanaugh denies knowing her, denies being at a party with her,” Bump wrote. “Here is an event in July where he was with several long-standing friends, two of whom were named by Ford and one of whom she’d been going out with.”

However, when Mitchell asked Kavanaugh, referring to the July 1 calendar entry, “Is there anything that could even remotely fit what we’re talking about in terms of Dr. Ford’s allegations?” Kavanaugh answered, “No.”