Brett Kavanaugh GoFundMe Campaigns Pop Up All Over Popular Crowd-Funding Site

Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, sexual assault, Washington Post, Christine Blasey Ford,
Andrew Harnik / Getty Images

There is no shortage of Brett Kavanaugh-connected GoFundMe campaigns on the crowdfunding site, with 37 such campaigns being identified as of Friday.

While some have not raised any money, some have pledged upwards to $60,000, according to a review of the campaigns.

President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy earlier this year on the U.S. Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has been fighting to save his nomination this month against allegations of sexual assault that date back to his days in high school and college.

In a high stakes hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, Kavanaugh and one of his accusers, college professor Christine Blasey Ford, gave gripping testimony in front of a nationally televised audience.

One campaign, created by John Hawkins, of Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, has raised more than $64,000 for Kavanaugh’s family. Hawkins runs Right Wing News and has had columns published in the Washington Examiner, The Hill, Hot Air, Pajamas Media, and at Human Events.

He updated the campaign in response to people who have questioned why he is raising money for a current federal appeals court judge with a regular income.

“I have a well-connected contact who says he can get me in touch with Kavanaugh’s team,” Hawkins wrote in one of his updates. “When I have guidance from Kavanaugh’s family, I will update. Also, congrats on taking this fund raiser over $50,000 while Judge Kavanaugh was giving his powerful testimony during the hearing. I’m proud of the success we’ve had and the support we’ve shown for the judge’s family.”

On the flipside, a website opposing Kavanaugh titled We Believe Women, has raised $48,000, which will reportedly go to publish ads across the country in support of women alleging that they have been sexually assaulted.

As of Friday, 1,466 people have given to the site with the goal of raising $300,000.

Another campaign titled We Believe All Women has raised more than $33,800 for the legal funds incurred by Ford and others accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, sexual assault, Washington Post, Christine Blasey Ford,
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, at her Senate Judiciary Committee testimony Thursday. Win McNamee / Getty Images

“… More women have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh,” the campaign said in its update. “In response, we’ve altered our campaign to support all the women, and will be reaching out to their legal teams immediately to find out what level of financial support they require.”

Other campaigns connected to Kavanaugh had raised less than $1,000, supporting everything from sending activists to Washington, D.C. to protest to federal judge’s nomination, to raising money to support women who are standing behind Kavanaugh.

Fearing concerns about scams, GoFundMe issued a statement in the wake of Hurricane Florence earlier this month on a way to make sure funds go directly to those intended instead of the person organizing the fundraising efforts.

“Our giving community always steps up in times of need, and we are here to make sure their generosity is protected,” GoFundMe said in a statement weeks ago in relation to hurricane fundraising. “Our team will provide around-the-clock support. We are hoping for the best, planning for the worst, and we will stay in close touch with all organizers and beneficiaries to ensure the resources get to people in need as soon as possible.”

GoFundMe, though, has yet to issue a similar statement regarding funding in connection to the Brett Kavanaugh-themed campaigns.