Hillary Clinton Makes Surprising Cameo On ‘Murphy Brown’ Revival Premiere

The former Secretary of State popped up in the 'Fake News' episode.

Candice Begen Murphy Brown Premiere
David Giesbrecht/Warner Bros. / CBS

The former Secretary of State popped up in the 'Fake News' episode.

Hillary Clinton just added another credit to her acting resume. The former First Lady and 2016 presidential candidate made a surprising—and hilarious—cameo on CBS’ highly anticipated Murphy Brown revival.

The top-secret cameo (which you can see below) came as the revival series focused on fictional news anchor Murphy Brown’s (Candice Bergen) return to television after a two-decade hiatus. The episode, titled “Fake News,” was heavily focused on the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath. In the politically charged premiere, Murphy sent out a viral tweet and got into a Twitter war with Donald Trump as her new cable news show Murphy Morning, made its debut.

But it was a surprise cameo from special guest Hillary Clinton that really got the Murphy Brown revival premiere buzzing. The former New York senator appeared in an unexpected scene that was absent from the screeners sent to critics, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Clinton played a character named Hilary Clinton (one “L,” she noted) in a job interview to be one of Brown’s new secretaries.

In the surprise scene, Clinton listed her qualifications for the job, saying she had “some experience with emails” and that “it takes a village” to work in the busy newsroom environment, a nod to the famous phrase from her 1996 book of the same name. The former Secretary of State added that she had previously worked for four years as secretary “of a very large organization.”

In the cheeky cameo, Clinton also admitted that she was frequently mistaken for the politician of the same name. In the end, Murphy found “Hilary” Clinton “very impressive” if “a little over-qualified” for the position, so Clinton gave her a business card with a funny domain name on it in case she changed her mind.

Longtime fans of the original Murphy Brown series, which ran from 1988 to 1998 on CBS, know that Murphy employed a never-ending line of personal secretaries, most of whom never lasted more than a day. Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) played one of the rare assistants that survived more than one day on the job.

At the 2018 Television Critics Association, Murphy Brown creator Diane English teased the Clinton cameo to reporters by saying the premiere episode would feature “an enormously famous person.” Fans of the original series may recall the show’s use of notable cameos, including new anchor Connie Chung and Vice President Dan Quayle.

Hillary Clinton has another TV appearance planned for this season. The former first lady is scheduled for a part in Season 5 premiere of Madame Secretary, per her IMBD page.

You can see Hillary Clinton’s cameo on Murphy Brown below.

Murphy Brown airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.